Wong Chang Wai, PCC

Lion Wong Chang Wai – District Governor 2003-2004


District Theme
– Building Community through Innovation


Mission Statement
– Lions in the District provide leadership to build community through humanitarian services to improve quality of life.

The theme of the year was “Innovation”, calling Lions to find new ways to do things that were more efficient and effective. During the year DG Wong emphasized services to two groups of people. From a service industry (banking) background he termed these people the “internal customers” ie the Lions community and ‘external customers” ie the public.


In building the Lions community DG Wong intensified training programmes to upgrade knowledge and skills of members to meet the changing time and needs of the members. With this in mind the Inaugural Lions Leadership Institute was held at Trolak Perak on December 18-21 2003. Not forgetting the youth an Inaugural Youth Essential Skills Programme was also conducted at Chung Hwa High School Muar on August 31 2003. Yet another Inaugural Certified Leo Advisers Programme (CLAP) was held at Segamat during the year. Other innovative programmes were District wide Induction Day in month of October with about 200 Lions inducted and District wide Peace Poster Contest on September 27 2003 with participation of some 30,000 students.


On the service front signature projects were promoted. These projects which identify Lions are long term in nature, visible through the community and help to build the reputation of Lions Clubs.

One of the notable projects launched that worth mentioning is the “Road Show” project of LC of Jementah that is still being carried out to this day.


In response to LCI’s call for innovation on use of internet, email addresses for cabinet officers were created and E-Newsletter was introduced. Innovation on leadership saw the implementation of various training programmes elaborated above. Innovation on Membership saw the net increase of 172 members during the year and innovation in service activities strengthen existing signature projects as well as birth of new signature projects.


The one–day district wide Peace Poster Contest was the Innovation on Public Relations vehicle to create awareness of the Lions’ involvement in community building. Local VIPs were invited to grace the occasion with standard speeches prepared for all Club Presidents/Organising Chairpersons. In Kuala Lumpur the then Deputy Minister of Education Dato Hon Choon Kim was our Guest of Honour.

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