Lions Club of Sagil

Project Name : Tuition Class

Club : Lions Club of Sagil
Club No. : 121871
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Tangkak
Charter Date : 14 April 2014
Charter President : Yaw Boon Seng
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Chandrasekharan
Project Name : Tuition Class
Project Description :
This is a project which provided tuition classes (Bahasa Melayu & English) for the standard 6 students of SJKC Chee Chun

1. Objective of the Signature Project
to improve the level of languages of the standard 6 students of the school before they sit for the government examination, UPSR. To encourage the students to perform well in the examination of UPSR, an incentive of RM20 will given to the student who score a “A” in the examination

2. Started

3. Members Involved

4. Benefited

5. Man hour spent
2 1/2 per tuition class

6. Frequency

7. Fund needed
15000 per annum

8. Source of Fund
Public donation

9. Critical success factor
Improvement of the students result which encourage the Club to continue to organise the tuition class

10. Other info

Project Photos

Submitted By : Yaw Boon Seng