Lions Club Of KB Glorious Budaya

Project Name : Relieving The Hunger

Club : Lions Club Of KB Glorious Budaya
Club No. : 118976
Sponsor Club : Lions Club Of Kota Budaya
Charter Date : 19/03/2013
Charter President : Lion Akemi Tay Sheau Huey
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Lion Linda Ng Hwee Keng
Project Name : Relieving The Hunger
Project Description :
Objective : To serve the needy of the community and society towards the ” Lions caring and sharing ”
Awareness which slogans of LCI ” WE SERVE ” to community.
Here with the centre / bengkel to (Majlis Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons/OKU). This centre provides shelter to the homeless for orphans, old folks people’s handicap peoples. They are trained with skills wooden handicrafts to self income earner with really low wages income, almost 20 years no other NGO visiting of this centre, incoming future our club will take it as a long term project for this centre.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
As Described above –

2. Started
Year 2016

3. Members Involved
15 People

4. Benefited
150 – 200 Adults and childrens

5. Man hour spent
30 Hours

6. Frequency
It will be our club significant/ signature project (every 3 months once)

7. Fund needed

8. Source of Fund
Constribution by public and members

9. Critical success factor
Teams work towards success with public and member support and contribution.
With all lions club of 308B1 Supporting ” WE SERVE TO ALL COMMUNITY NEEDY ”
especially thanks to public and members contribution.
thanks supporting from : DG, DC sight first, RC1, ZC and all lions involved to joint this meaningfull with moral supporting to completely success in this project.
We hope for the coming future evolution from you all ………..

10. Other info
With the high cost and life living nowdays, this centre is not easy to maintaining, the club will continue to look forward additional constibution for long term sustainablity from all over local, nation and others society to try maintain of this needy person.

Project Photos

Submitted By : Lion Gilbert Foo Sze Kwan