Lions Club of KL Bukit Kiara (CSP)


Club : Lions Club of KL Bukit Kiara
Project Description : Lions worldwide are known as ‘Knights of the Blind’. We have undertaken the challenge to make the ‘Gift of Sight’ project as a long term project of our Club.
We have been carrying out vision screening in schools, homes and sponsorship of prescription glasses for those with vision problems.

The ‘Gift of Sight’ program started in 2009, has been a long term project of our Club. The objective of this project is to help the underprivileged whose sight has been affected by cataracts. The project is supported and funded by grants from CIMB Foundation, approved to our Club. Since 2009, our Club has received funding exceeding RM634,000 from CIMB Foundation and more than 590 cataract operations has been performed by ophthalmologists. We provide free cataract operations for the underprivileged community. The sponsorship includes free pre- & post-operation check-ups, medication and lens.

1. Objective : With the improved vision, the beneficiaries are able to enjoy better vision, improve their standard of living, build up their confidence and enable them to seek better employment. For the elderly who stays at home, the operations will enable them to be independent and take better care of their families. This will promote a better & progressive society.
2. Started : 2009
3. Members : 3 to 6 members
4. Benefited : 590 Cataracts Operations (approx 590 people)
5. Man hour : 100 hours per year
6. Frequency : Monthly
7. Fund: RM105,000 per year
8. Why and how : The Project has been going successfully with the corporate funding from CIMB Foundation and has helped many people restore their vision.
Besides funding from CIMB Foundation, we also organize fund raising Events every year.

Our Club also collaborates with eye specialist centres – KL Eye Specialist Centre, Subang Eye Specialist Centre, USJ Eye Specialist Centre, KPJ Eye Care Specialist Centre, KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital, Top Vision Eye Specialist Centre, Lions Eye Clinic – in organizing the Gift of Sight’ project. These Centres have been kind enough to provide the 2nd part funding ie gave a 50% discount for each cataract operations.
9. Other info : The story of one beneficiary, when his eye was unveiled for the first time after the operation, remarked with tears in his eyes ‘Wow! I did not know the colour of the flowers are so lovely!’ Imagine the difference the simple operation has made to their lives especially when they have been seeing the world with their ‘blurred’ vision.
It is very rewarding to see the joy, confidence, independence and the difference it has brought to the lives of these beneficiaries.

Project Photos

World Sight Day in collaboration with KPJ Pusat Pakar Mata Centre For Sight – with beneficiaries of the Charity Cataract Program funded by CIMB Foundation

World Sight Day in collaboration with KPJ Pusat Pakar Mata Centre For Sight – with beneficiaries of the Charity Cataract Program funded by CIMB Foundation

Eye Screening for students at SMK Sinar Bintang

Eye Screening for students at SMK Sinar Bintang

Submitted by: Jeff Cheah

Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Bukit Kiara

Project Name : Feed The Needy

Club : Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Bukit Kiara
Club No. : 5245-068747
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of KualaLumpur Host
Charter Date : 8th May 2003
Charter President : Tan Gaik Im
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Jeff Cheah Gim Huat
Project Name : Feed The Needy

Project Description :

The Feed The Needy (FTN) project was initiated by Lion Uma Pushpanathan in the beginning of 2004 and was launched on 8th March 2004. The project started off with the the food being cooked in the kitchen of the Railway Recreation Club (RRC) whose restaurant is run by Lion Teoh Lee Kwon of the Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North. We distribute the food every evening at 5.00pm, Mondays to Fridays (except on designated public holidays) from the corridor of RRC.

The FTN has received media publicity over the last 12 years and recognition from the general public and corporate sector with positive feedback.
We also serve extra goodies for Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas.
On days that we have more than one sponsor, the second sponsor will sponsor breakfast bags, which will consist of a packet drink, a fruit and a cream bun.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
The objective of FTN is to ensure that the less fortunate, who in this case consist of the visually impaired, handicapped, unemployed, homeless and needy in the Brickfields area at least have one decent nutritious meal a day and to prevent social problems arising due to hunger.

2. Started
8th March 2004

3. Members Involved
Five people a week

4. Benefited
288,000 people in the last 12 years

5. Man hour spent

6. Frequency
Monday to Friday throughout the year

7. Fund needed
RM350.00 per day x 5days x 4 weeks x12 months = rm84,000.00 per year

8. Source of Fund
Corporate and Public

9. Critical success factor
This project is successful because of the media coverage given and through word of mouth of the public.
We sustain this project by maintaining a pool of regular sponsors .

10. Other info

Project Photos