PCC Albert Tan Chew Peng

pcc-albert-tan-chew-pengPCC Albert Tan Chew Peng
2001 – 2002


District Theme: We Care, We Serve, We Grow


Mission Statement

To have a healthy and sustainable grow of the Lion District with team work and leadership development and by earning ourselves a good name in providing good and relevant services to the community, with care and passion

The District took on the theme “We Care, We Serve, We Grow”, with the vision of DG Albert Tan for the District to grow with honor, by serving the community of our multi-racial society with humility and passion, and at the same time with a sincere care for the well being of the less fortunate in the community and a deep concern for the healthy development of our youth.

DG Tan successfully motivated the clubs in the District to move in unison with Lions worldwide in four priority areas in the Lions development: Membership Growth, Leadership Development, Youth Development and Lions’ Public Relation.

With the vision, mission and the priorities of the District Office clearly digested and embraced, the cabinet officers went all out to achieve our common goals set for the District. Constant feedbacks and brainstorming were conducted throughout the fiscal year using effective communication tools, such as the “Cabinet Conferences”, created during the fiscal year, carried out one day before each cabinet meeting, had ensured our success as a team. Many of the cabinet officers went on to offer themselves for higher Office in the years to follow.

With a positive environment and good leadership development, many clubs achieved great membership growth, with a net District growth of 144 and the chartering of four new clubs for the fiscal year. Meanwhile, Leo clubs continued to growth with good programs and the District’s good public relations was evident by the good relationships we enjoyed with other NGO and the local governments throughout the fiscal year.