Sr John S C Loh, PDG

PDG Sr John S C Loh
District Governor 1981-1982

District Theme



L1. District Theme: Reach Out To Serve,
L2. LCI Theme: People At Peace- IP Kay Murakami,
L3. LCI Ambassador of Good Will,
L4. District 308 Governor 1981-1982 : Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei,
L5.District Centennial Coordinator 2014 – 2017,
L6. Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow,
L7. Chairman, AAA Property Group,

L8. With Lioness Laylay,
L9. LOH young family,
L10. With PDG Laylay Loh,
L11. With Luke & Yinyin, Louise & Nigel,
L12. Malaysia Book of Records, Attended 36 LCI Conventions,
L13. Guinness Book of Records, Planting 110,416 trees In One Minute with former PM Tun Dr Mahathir,
L14.Legacy Project Kuching, Sarawak Society For The Deaf,
L15. First District Headquarters Penang,
L16. Founder Chairperson & Trustee Kuala Lumpur Lions Foundation with Lions Renal Center,
L17. First District Lions Who’s Who & Manual,
L18. Past President of Lions Club of George Town with former PM Tunku Abdul Rahman,
L19. First Mandarin Speaking Lions Club MD308, Charter certificate Lions Club of George Town Central (charter member),
L20. Past President of Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur (Host), first and oldest club 18.2.1959.

Also served as Member of Election Com. LCI Convention (1990); OSEAL Panel; MD Trainer(1990-1993); Chair of COC for 2001 Lions MD & Dist. Conv. in KL ; Chair of Dist. 308 Disaster Relief Fund; Founder Trustee of District 308 B Foundation; Chair and First Director of Lions Headquarters Sdn Bhd.

OTHER FIRSTS : Formed 18 clubs with 8 clubs in 1981-1982 including Tenom(Host), George Town Central, Dungun, Kuala Krai, Labis and Kota Kinabalu Metro; Sponsored more than 50 members; Responsible for Bifurcation into 308 A and 308 B and draft of MD 308 Constitution; First Inauguration Ceremony of DG; First School for Cabinet Officers & Club Presidents; Member 44 years since October 1972; District Chairperson (Club Extension & International Relations), Zone Chair and Deputy District Governor; Associate mbr of Lions Club of Penang Light and was mbr of Johor Bahru (Host); District Fellow (308, 308 B,308 B1).

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