Leong A Sam, PDG

PDG Leong A Sam
District Governor 1996-1997

District Theme

Elected as Vice District Governor in 1995, Sam was installed as District Governor of District 308B, 1996/97, in June, 1996 at the Lions Clubs International Convention in Montreal, Canada.

As a firm believer in teaming, he did not promote a district theme, but in the spirit of global team leadership, adopted LCI’s motto, We Serve, and International President, Augustine Soliva’s Theme, Building Bridges of Partnership, for our District.

Focus during the term was on: 1) membership and club growth, 2) leadership development, and 3) enabling and empowering leadership of clubs within the District for more effective leadership, growth & services.

1) Consolidated blood donation activities by Lions clubs within the District to be reported as consolidated effort . For the first time in our history, we were able to present a consolidated accounting of our contributions to our community’s need for blood to save lives. This effort has been perpetuated till present, and significantly enhanced.

2) Initiated the re-districting of Multiple District 308 with Council Chairperson, Dr. Chin Upon Hiap, and my counterpart, District Governor S G Chin of District 308A, into Districts 308A1, 308A2, 308B1 and 308B2 successfully during our term. The re-distracted Multiple District together with its sub-districts became functional in 1998/99.

3. Chartered 8 Lions Clubs, and 1 Lioness Club, namely:

a) Lions Club of Prai, Penang
b) Lions Club of Tanjong Indah, Penang
c) Lions Club of Georgetown Island, Penang
d) Lions Club of Kangar, Perlis
e) Lions Club of PJ Mutiara
f) Lions Club of Kota Budaya, Kelantan
g) Lions Club of Ampang
h) Lions Club of KL Metropolitan
i) Lioness Club of Yong Penh, Johor

4. One of the few clubs globally to achieve the International President, Augustine Soliva 1996/97’s Paradigm Award of net gain of 10% in membership.

International Recognition
1) International Leadership Award (1996/97)
2) International President Paradigm Medal (1996/97)
3) International President Medal (1997/98)
4. International President Medal (2010/11)

Multiple District Leadership:
– Committee Chairperson
1. Constitution (2007/08)
2. Leadership (MERL TEAM) (2008/2011)
3. Opportunities for Youths

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