Muar Lions Renal Centre


Muar Lions Renal Centre is a well known non_profit provider of haemodialysis for the poor patients with Chronic kidney failure. Muar
Lions Renal centre was established in April 1994 and has now progressed to become one of the largest N.G.o. To date our Hemodialysis centre
has 53 machines, serving more than 150 patients who are treated three times a week paying a minimum of RM35.00 to RM50.00 per Haemodialysis
treatment. Patients who have no income is fu[y subsidies by our centre.’

For the past 18 years, we have provided various medical care and financial help for the patients to lighten their burden.
Our centre being a non-profit undertaking, all our funds are solely used for the benefits of poor patients. with the high rate of maintenance to some old machines and also due to the increase in medical cost we rrereuy seek your financial aid to replace old machines.

We depend solely on kind friends, associates and general public to help us. we.sincerely seek your kind donation to ease the financial burden. we are registered with the Registrar of societies and we will duly acknowledge donations with an official Tax Exemption Receipt which will benefits you with your Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri submissions.

We look forward to you joining hands with the work that we doing to the poor and needy patients making their lives happier and meaningfu-|.
Wishing you all the best in your undertaking and May God always bless you.

Thanking you.