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Project Name : Eye Screening at SRJK (C) Kg Baru

Club : Lions Club of Tampin
Project Name : Eye Screening at SRJK (C) Kg Baru
Project Description : Good vision is key to a child’s physical development, success in school and overall well-being. The vision system is not fully formed in babies and young children, and equal input from both eyes is necessary for the brain’s vision centers to develop normally. If a young child’s eyes cannot send clear images to the brain, his or her vision may become limited in ways that cannot be corrected later in life. But if problems are detected early, it is usually possible to treat them effectively.

We Lions Club of Tampin are doing the eye screening project every year at different primary school. On 16th of February 2017, we have done an eye screening in one of the primary school, which was at SRJK (C) Kg Baru.

During the project, 400 students has been go through the eye screening, 160 students have eye sight problem, 17 students has been identified by the school teacher who need to help. Among the 17 students, there was a student who came from a poverty family and has a very serious eye sight problem and need to refer to the eye specialist. On the second day, few of our Lions were follow up this case and made appointment with the eye specialist with the government doctor, but due to the long queue of the appointment, we then decided to bring the girl to the private specialist. After the doctor diagnosed, she has been identified that she have the amblyopia and if she is not getting a proper eye treatment, the girl may face with the problem of blindness in the future.

One of our kind member was then decided to fully sponsor the special spectacle to the girl. Although the cash value does not play a significant value here, but the dedication shown by Lions to ensure she gets proper eye treatment and making it happen is what touches life here.

1. Objective : The ability to see greatly impacts a student’s ability to learn. Screening for vision problems is an
appropriate and important part the school health services. The objective of a vision-screening program is to identify children with possible visual defects at the earliest possible stage. This allows ample time to refer children for diagnosis and treatment.
2. Started : since year 2012
3. Members : 10 members and above.
4. Benefited : Usually are the whole school student will benefit from the project.
5. Man hour : 5 – 6 hours per session, depends on the student in the school.
6. Frequency : Yearly
7. Fund:
8. Why and how : Children’s eyes continue to develop, so caring for a child’s eyes in the early years can help lay the foundations for good vision that lasts a lifetime. We Lions Club of Tampin will try to ensure the eye screening project to be held not only at current, but also in the future. We will set it as a continuously mission to our club in order to sustain the project.
9. Other info : –

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