Lions Club of Simpang Rengam

Project Name : Love and Care to the Prisoners at Simpang Renggam Prison

Club : Lions Club of Simpang Rengam
Club No. : 63321
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Kluang Mandarin
Charter Date : 16th June 2000
Charter President : Ln Tay Ah Beng
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Ln Dickson Tee Keh Seng
Project Name : Love and Care to the Prisoners at Simpang Renggam Prison
Project Description :

1. Objective of the Signature Project
Since August 2004 Lions members from Lions Club of Simpang Rengam have been visiting the Simpang Renggam Prison , Organized buddhism talk & counseling service to death row inmate and criminal offense prisoners at Simpang Renggam Prison. In July 2008, with the launch of project “Send Love to Prison”, the Director General of Simpang Renggam Prison allowing our club members visiting and providing counseling to the prisoners more frequently ,up to 2 times a month.

The 90-minute counseling session by Lions contents would include “Buddhism Teaching” , “弟子规”; and sharing on Jing Si Aphorisms, with the hope that the prisoners’ heart will be purified thereby turning over a new leaf.

2. Started
August 2004

3. Members Involved
2 members from Lions club each visit.

4. Benefited
about 15 (when meeting death row inmate) to 50 (criminal prisoners)

5. Man hour spent
2 members x 1.5 hours councelling/buddhism talk

6. Frequency
2 visits monthly

7. Fund needed
No cost for the monthly concelling/buddhism talk. Alocated charity fund of RM500 yearly for the givings during festival season.

8. Source of Fund
Lions Club’s charity fund and public donation

9. Critical success factor
The Prison Department places great emphasis on re-education of prisoners through their three-phase plan: phase 1 on discipline training, phase 2 moral strengthening and phase 3 skills training.
On moral strengthening, the Director General of Simpang Renggam welcome the religious bodies and NGOs for their regular visits and counselling sessions in inculcating positive moral values in the prisoners and giving them love.
Our Club’s experiences in counseling of drug related prisoners and connections with the drug abuse counselors have extended our Signature Services to the Drug Awareness Talks to the youth/students of Primary and Secondary school. We believed that it is important for the youth to receive the correct information and aware of drug abuse consequences, so that they will SAY NO to DRUGS.

10. Other info
Simpang Renggam Prison was started built in 1982 and completed in 1986, in an area of 82.6 hectar (198.2 acreas) land . In 10th. May, 1991 the prison served as Pusat Pemulihan Akhlak for detainees/criminals under Tahanan Akta Dadah Berbahaya (LLPK) 1985 and Tahanan Ordinan Darurat (KAMJ) 1969. Capacity of the Simpang Renggam Prison up to 1400 prisoners.

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Submitted By : Dickson Tee Keh Seng

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