Lions Club of Sentul Kuala Lumpur

Club : Lions Club of Sentul Kuala Lumpur
Club No. : 43800
Sponsor Club : LC Petaling Jaya
Charter Date : 11 April 1984
Charter President : Ln. Datuk Dr Lee Say Wan
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Ln. Susan Goh Yoke Peng
Project Name : Cancer Survivors Support Group
Project Description : To provide support to Cancer Survivors and their families.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
What many Cancer Survivors fear most is the unknown. Our signature project aims to provide a one-stop center to help Cancer Survivors and their families, by equipping them with relevant knowledge, focusing on how and where to get medical help and providing them with information on the latest medical research and offering them a ready source of emotional support. Our signature project also aims to create cancer awareness. To understand cancer will lead to us not fearing cancer.

2. Started 2009

3. Members Involved 10

4. Benefited more than 2000

5. Man hour spent more than 2000 since 2009

6. Frequency once every 3 months

7. Fund needed RM2000

8. Source of Fund self funded

9. Critical success factor
The continued need for our CSSG is evidenced by the number of cancer survivors and their family members attending the monthly CSSG get-together. The increasing rate of cancer recurrence after a period of remission keeps the CSSG strong, united and relevant after 7 years. The critical success factor is measured by the fact that the CSSG attendance attains growth of an average of 10% year on year, despite some survivors lost to cancer along the way.

10. Other info
Our CSSG strongly supports the Relay 4 Life organised by National Cancer Society of Malaysia each year, raising funds for cancer research. Follow us on Twitter or check out our blog at

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