Lions Club of Nilai

Project Name : LC Nilai Festival Charity Drive 汝来狮会佳节献爱心

Club : Lions Club of Nilai
Club No. : 123567
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Lukut 88
Charter Date : 05 Nov 2014
Charter President : Lim Ai Lee
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Queennie Low Yhet Mooi
Project Name : LC Nilai Festival Charity Drive 汝来狮会佳节献爱心
Project Description :
LC Nilai will gather sponsor from member and public and organize Charity drive to provide item or cash to cheer up the unprivileged families during Festival.
汝来狮会在佳节前招募会员和热心人士一起捐赠物品或现金至贫苦家庭, 希望他们也能开开心心的共庆佳节.

1) Lions CNY Charity Drive 新春汝来狮会献春意
During this project, LC Nilai will collect various type of sponsor of CNY goodies and Ang Pau from member and public and help to distribution it to the identified unprivileged families.
汝来狮子会招募会员和热心人士一起为在汝来,沙叻,文丁, 巴音的 贫苦家庭准備新年物品,红包,米,油,柑,包装水,新年饼干等等.

2) Happy Deepavali Shopping 屠 妖节大採購
Provide RM 200 shopping voucher and RM 100 Cash to 10 under privilege India Families. Hope with the provide, they can enjoy the shopping to prepare the necessary item for the Deepavali.
我们派发購物礼卷 RM 200及现金 RM 100给十家印裔家庭。让他们尽情採購新年货物。

1. Objective of the Signature Project
Hope with everyone little contribution, we are able to give joy for the unprivileged family during the festival cerebration.

2. Started

3. Members Involved

4. Benefited
150 – 200 in 3 events in the past

5. Man hour spent
> 250 man hours spent

6. Frequency
yearly during CNY and Deepavali

7. Fund needed
Depend on no of family and collection from public. Each family around RM 300 – 500.

8. Source of Fund
Sponsor from members and public and also Club Project Funds

9. Critical success factor
– involved members and public where they can sponsor any kind of food, goodies and cash. Also we get them to join us during the door to door visit.
– transparent of the money and goodies received and ensure all reach the needy. We prepared the contribution list and share with sponsor and beneficiary accordingly.
– For Deepavali Shopping: we provide the shopping voucher for the family. This is unique and give them flexibility to spend. Especially to the housewife, we can feel that they really enjoy the shopping and get what they need for the families. This serve the need of the receiving party.

10. Other info
We started this project in year 2015 with 10 families benefited. Continue in year 2016 with increase to 22 families with more members and public involved and sponsor.
在2015 年, 共有10户受惠.在2016年, 在得到更多的热心人士的资助, 狮会派发给22户的贫苦家庭. 狮会的登门拜访也让受惠者感到温馨.

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