Lions Club of Malacca

Project Name : Lions Club of Malacca Education Fund

Club : Lions Club of Malacca
Club No. : 5245-025630
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Singapore East
Charter Date : 12th March 1966
Charter President : Lion Tam Seet Wah
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Lion Helen Agoh
Project Name : Lions Club of Malacca Education Fund
Project Description :
Education determines the success of an individual, family and nation. Thus every child rich or poor should be given equal opportunity in education. The LCM Education Fund
started in 1997 to equip school libraries with more reading materials, assistance to needy students from low income parents and to improve facilities to rural schools for conducive learning environment.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
1. Objective:
1.1. To inculcate the reading habits of pupils and the community.
1.2. To provide financial assistant and balanced nutrition to
disadvantaged pupils.
1.3. To encourage participation in co-curricular activities for
wholesome education.

2. Started

3. Members Involved
4 Advisors, 1 Chairperson and 12 Committee Members.

4. Benefited
1000 pupils and 250 schools

5. Man hour spent

6. Frequency

7. Fund needed
Total Cost per year = RM 81,800.00

8. Source of Fund
Donation from members and Project Funds

9. Critical success factor
1. Library Books: 10 primary schools/year & 2 PDRM libraries.
Total Cost: RM20,000.00/year x 20 years=RM400,000.00 &
2 PDRM libraries: RM50,000 X 2 = RM100,000.00.
Funding: Donation from PP Lion Steven Lee Kee Hock.

2. Co-curriculum uniform for needy students: 200 students.
Total Cost: RM 50,000/year x 4 years = RM200,000.00
Funding: Donation from PP Lion Datuk Liow Yit Lee

3. Assistance to Needy Pupils: 50 pupils/year
Total Cost: RM10,000.00/ year x 16 years = RM160,000.00
Funding: Lions and Project Fund

4. Newspaper Reading Programme: 3 primary school/year
Total Cost: RM1,800.00/year x 16 years=RM28,000.00
Funding: Lions and Project Fund

10. Other info

Total Cost per Year for Projects : RM 81,800.00 per year
Total Overall Cost: RM 878,000.00
Total Overall Schools / PDRM Libraries Benefited: 250 schools
Newspaper Reading Programme: 48 schools
Total Overall Pupils Benefited: 1000 pupils
Total Overall Man Hours: 324 man hours

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Submitted By : Lion Helen Agoh

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