Lions Club of Labis

Project Name : Annual Blood Donation Project

Club : Lions Club of Labis
Club No. : 040551
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Segamat
Charter Date : 1st November 1981
Charter President : Dr Tay Boon Chong
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Lion Yong Soo Lan
Project Name : Annual Blood Donation Project
Project Description :
Importance of Blood Donation Project
Because the need for blood is constant, so is the need for donations. Every day, all the hospitals and clinics in need blood and blood components to treat patients, since most surgical interventions and a great number of medical procedures require blood transfusions.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
The build wider public awareness of the need for regular blood donation throughout the year in order to maintain an adequate supply of blood for all patients requiring transfusion and to encourage a culture of blood donation among the local community by:

a) Encouraging existing low-risk voluntary donors to give blood regularly.
b) Encouraging new people to donate their blood on a voluntary unpaid basis.
c) Promoting low-risk behaviour so that individuals protect their own health as well as being safe to donate blood.

2. Started
Since 1981

3. Members Involved

4. Benefited
80 – 100 blood units collected per project

5. Man hour spent

6. Frequency

7. Fund needed
RM1000 – RM1500

8. Source of Fund
Project fund

9. Critical success factor
Meaningful of the project, fully supported by local community and hospitals

10. Other info

Project Photos

Submitted By : Yong Soo Len / Eric Tan

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