Lions Club of Kulai

Project Name : Relieving the hunger campaign

Club : Lions Club of Kulai
Club No. : 5245-063355
Sponsor Club : Johor Bahru Host
Charter Date : 26th JUNE 2000
Charter President : John Ng
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Wong Chin
Project Name : Relieving the hunger campaign
Project Description :
our club are supplying food to the old folks homes and orphanage homes every year at least four times a year during festive seasons.

The old folks home are from : The Kulai Old Folks house, Old Folks Home of Senai, The Putro Villiage and the Loong Wah Villiage in Kulai.

we also visit the “Ai Xin” house of orphanage, Kulai, and Saleng

1. Objective of the Signature Project
to care for the old folks and the disable.
to give the the old folks and orphanage a comfortable living.

2. Started

3. Members Involved

4. Benefited

5. Man hour spent

6. Frequency
4 times a year

7. Fund needed
RM 1000 per program

8. Source of Fund
fund raising for charity activities

9. Critical success factor
this is to raise the community the awareness and attention to care of the poor, the handicap and disable people.

10. Other info
every year, we bring the old folks out from the old folks home in Kulai area to dine in the temple “WAN XIAN” in Kulai.

we served food and we also entertained them by singing and dancing and shows.
we give them “ang Pau” and goodies and daily needs.

Project Photos

Submitted By : CHEW SEW GEOK

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