Lions Club of Kuantan

Project Name : Lions Saturday Art Class

Club : Lions Club of Kuantan
Club No. : 025628
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Petaling Jay
Charter Date : 16th February 1971
Charter President : Dato’ Abdul Hamid
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Grace Tong
Project Name : Lions Saturday Art Class.
Project Description :
The art class is open to children aged 5 years to 13 on Saturdays between 11.00 AM and 1.00 PM.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
1. To train children to express themselves through drawing and painting activities.
2. To bring awareness to the children about the beauty of their surroundings and natural environment.
3. To enhance the confidence of the children about their artistic abilities and potential.
4. To create situations for the children to mix socially, irrespective of race and gender.

2. Started
January 2011.

3. Members Involved
Two or three

4. Benefited
About fifty (50).

5. Man hour spent
Two hours per week for six years.

6. Frequency
Every Saturday, rain or shine

7. Fund needed

8. Source of Fund
Members donate drawing paper

9. Critical success factor
There is demand for the class, but the teacher can only take in ten children en at one time. There are children on the waiting list. If the number of children exceed ten, the teacher has to register the class as a school with the Education Department.

10. Other info
The teacher is UK trained in art education with 40 years of experience.

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Submitted By : Dato’ Dr. Leslie Foo See Jork

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