Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur (Host)

Project Name : White Cane Day 2016

Club : Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur (Host)
Club No. : 024625
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Singapore (Host)
Charter Date : 18 February 1959
Charter President : PDG William Fernando
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Wesley Chin
Project Name : White Cane Day 2016
Project Description :
Project is carried out in conjunction with the International White Cane Day held annually on 15th October. This is the second year that Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur (Host) is partnering the Malaysian Foundation of the Blind (MFB) for this project.

1. Objective of the Signature Project

(1) To create awareness of the existence of the blind and visually impaired persons within our society and to celebrate their achievements.
(2) To share a new focus on the use of technology aid for the blind and visually impaired to acquire the relevant skills required for access to job opportunities in our society.
(3) To advocate the uptake of the laws and policies that will empower the blind and visually impaired.

2. Started
October 2015

3. Members Involved

4. Benefited

5. Man hour spent

6. Frequency

7. Fund needed

8. Source of Fund
Club project fund, donations and sponsorship

9. Critical success factor

Project is sustained through the strong support and participation by members of Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur (Host) and our sponsor Leo Club of Brickfields Asia College (BAC).

Partnership and sponsorship in cash and kind by Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur (Host) members such as cost of printing, refreshments and door gifts. Our Leos manage to secure T-shirt printing from Brickfields Asia College (BAC) and manage to secure a discount on venue rental at YMCA.

10. Other info
LC KL(Host) will try its utmost to advocate and champion the rights of the blind and visually impaired in our society.

LC KL(Host) intends to continue with this annual project and will source and seek for more participation, support and partnership from the public and the corporate sector.

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Submitted By : Adrian Chew

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