Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Broga Evergreen

Project Name : Feed The Hunger

Club : Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Broga Evergreen
Club no: 128688
Sponsor Club: Lions Club of KL West
Charter Date : 31-08-2016

Project Name : Feed The Hunger
Project Description : This project was initiated by Lion Danny Liew and Lion Esther right after our club was chartered. This idea was brought up with the intention to eliminate hunger and poverty through the financial support from generous individuals who are willing to contribute. The project will be carried out at Community Center, Jalan Pudu Baharu on the 3rd Friday of each month and the food distribution will start on 7.00pm. A total of 100 packed foods will be served to the needy on that day.

1. Objective : The objective of this project is to provide a proper and healthy meal to the needy such as old folks, unemployed individual and handicaps from the nearby area with the hope that it will reduce their burden and also to reduce social problem that may arise due to hunger and poverty.
2. Started : 16th September 2016
3. Members : Five members for each session
4. Benefited : Approximately 200 persons for the last 2 months
5. Man hour : 2 hours per month
6. Frequency : Once a month
7. Fund: RM 3,600 per year (RM300 per session x 12 months)
8. Why and how : The club receives full supports from all the members. On top of that, we have secured sufficient funds to sustain the project for the FY16/17. The club will continue to look for additional contribution for long term sustainability and to increase the frequency of this project in the near future.
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Submitted by : Dhillon Rao

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