Lions Club of Kota Tinggi

Project Name : Study Aid for the Underprivileged Students

Club : Lions Club of Kota Tinggi
Club No. : 5245-99328
Sponsor Club : Lions Club Of Johor Bahru Host
Charter Date : 8th May 2007
Charter President : Lion Tai Foo Hin
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Lion Shashitharan B. Pillay
Project Name : Study Aid for the Underprivileged Students
Project Description :
It is an educational fund for the underprivileged students for the Chinese Primary schools in the Kota Tinggi District which benefits the 9 schools as follows;
1) SJK ( C ) Tai Sin
2) SJK (C) Yok Poon
3) SJK (C ) Peay Min
4) SJK (C ) New Kota
5) SJK (C ) Pei Hwa
6) SJK (C) Yu Hwa
7) SJK(C) Mawai
8) SJK(C) Nan Ya
9) SJK(C) Pasir Gogok

1. Objective of the Signature Project
To provide financial support to the underprivileged students.

2. Started
Year 2008

3. Members Involved
5 Members

4. Benefited
70 – 100 underprivileged students

5. Man hour spent
104 hours

6. Frequency
Every Year

7. Fund needed
RM 40,000 – RM 60,000 per annum

8. Source of Fund
Generous donor from the Public

9. Critical success factor
The Project can be sustained by the support from regular donors and co-operation from the schools. Persistency of interviewing the underprivileged families and fundraising ensure the necessaries of fund given to the underprivileged students. Hence, students who needs the fund from each individual school in the whole District of Kota Tinggi will not be neglected. Therefore, the worries of the school fees from the underprivileged families can be overcome.

10. Other info
To increase the public awareness of the needy students and to raise fund for them.

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Submitted By : Cynthia Ng Kim Ha

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