Lions Club of Kota Budaya

Club : Lions Club of Kota Budaya
Club No. : 5245-059202
Sponsor Club :
Charter Date : 11/3/1997
Charter President : Andrew Lim Kim Fat
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Darren Yap Soon Yon
Project Name : Kota Budaya Dialysis Centre
Project Description :
18 December 2007, Lion Andrew Lim, Ln Tan Kok Wei, Ln Lim Kooi Sai , and Ln Norazmi ,visited Muar and Tangka renal centre to get information on setting up of dialysis centre.

4 August 2008 started our club 12 installation meeting cum fund raising for lion club kota budaya dialysis centre.

5 September 08 installation nite .with the contribution of members, sister clubs, public, and state Government we manage to raise approximate RM 360,000.00.

10 Oct 08 Ln Lim Kooi Sai, Ln Andrew Lim, Ln Chua Chee Heng, Ln Chua Seong Hwee, Ln Tan Kok Wei, Lady Lion Jess met Dato Geok to request setting up renal centre on his premise F.O. C. and Dato agreed

16 Oct 08,Lion Andrew Lim Ln Chua Chee Heng Ln Lim Kooi Sai Ln katherina Wong and two lady lion met Dato Dr Kuan (LN katherina brother in law) Dato Dr Kuan helped to raise another Rm 15,000.00 for our renal centre.

19 Oct 08 Ln Lim Kooi Sai and Ln Andrew Lim visited KKM Kota Bharu seeking information to apply of licence on setting up renal centre.

30 Nov 08 C/S Andrew Lim ,Ln Chua Chee Heng, Ln Lim visited Dr Mary at USM for advice on setting up of centre with the help from Dr of USM.

21 Dec 08 With the advice and assisting of KKM officer Maniam, we Sent out application Borang 1 to KKM Putra Jaya.

6 Jan 09 Ln Lim Kooi sai Ln Andrew Lim Ln Chua Chee Heng met Dato Geok to get his permission to start renovation on his premise.

12 Jan 09 Ln Lim Kooi Sai Ln Andrew Lim Ln Chua Chee Heng met RO system supplier to get Quatation on installation RO and dialysis machine.

17 Jan 09 renovation work for centre started. Our club appointed Ln Chua Chee Heng to do the renovation work.

19 Jan 09 Ln Lim ,Ln Jolene,Ln Chua Chee Heng Ln Chew Leong San Ln Won Pier Chyuan together with DG Dr jp Kamalanathan and Spouse Dr mary visited Dato Matfauzi of USM to Discuss on collaboration with our centre and Dato agreed. Lion Andrew Lim is going to assist in preparing the MOU.

2 Feb 09 our centre renovation work completed

4 Feb 09 installed RO system and three dialysis machine arrived on 7 Feb 09.

11 Feb 09 our centre officially opened by international 2nd vice president Sid Scrugg and his lady, witness by Dato Geok, DG and lion dignitaries, budaya members and press.

22 Feb 09 Visited Kota Bharu KKM officer Maniam Again. Due to some technical error , all our club Bod members have to signed again the statutory declaration form in order to proceed our application of licence.

4 march 09 our club 12 anniversary first meeting and we kick off another round of fund raising for budaya dialysis centre.

13 March 09 Ln won Pier Chyuan helped to send out again the amend copy of application to KKM Putra Jaya.

18 April 09 Budaya 12 anniversary nite .All our members are very dynamics and fantastic , this round we managed to raise again 100,00.00 over thousand in only 3 weeks time.

28 April 09 Ln Lim called up again KKM Putra Jaya. Officer Dr Siti reply they are having meeting with Pengarah KKM on 8 May 09. The approval of our application is optimistic.

2 April 09 appeal letter written by lion Norazmi to minister of health Datuk Sri Liow Tiong Lai for donation of dialysis machine and approval of licence to LC Budaya Dialysis Centre. Lion Goh Wong swee to help hand over the appeal letter to Datuk Sri Liow.

Here I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all budaya members n lady lion for their continuous support and contribution, the commitment and dedication, Please accept my sincere salute to all of you. Let us work together and make our dream,Budaya Dialysis centre reality soon to serve the unfortunate kidney patient. Thank You.

1. Objective of the Signature Project

2. Started
11 February 2009

3. Members Involved
at 10

4. Benefited
approximate 50 over 7 years

5. Man hour spent

6. Frequency

7. Fund needed

8. Source of Fund

9. Critical success factor

10. Other info

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Submitted By : Darren Yap

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