Lions club of Kota Bharu

Project Name : Down Syndrome Centre (DSC)

Club : Lions club of Kota Bharu
Club No. : 025623
Sponsor Club : Lions club of Machang
Chartered Date : 12/3/1961
Chartered President : MOHD. BIN NORDIN
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Steven Lee Chun Wah
Project Name : Down Syndrome Centre (DSC)
Project Description :
We conduct early intervention programe (EIP) for Down Syndrome children
With 4 full time teachers taking charge for 12 children below the age of 6 years old.
We also have 16 children above the age of 17 years old who comes back to our DSC to carry out the cottage industry programe. Under this programe the children will do some crafts work for sale lake key chains, packing of buttons for factory, fabric finishing works and collecting of recycle items for sale.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
Objecting of the significant/signature project children under EIP before the children attends the regular school program.

As for cottage industry we provide a place for the older children who had finished schooling to come back to the centre to learn some basic skills and craft work.

2. Started

3. Members Involved
40 members

4. Benefited
28 childrens

5. Man hour spent
50 per day

6. Frequency
Sunday to Thurday

7. Fund needed
10,000 p month

8. Source of Fund
Members and donation from public.

9. Critical success factor
We carry out yearly fund raising activities like the DSC Charity bicycle event and the yearly pledge from members and public whereby we collect RM 100.00 on yearly from the listed pledge.

10. Other info
Larely DG has allowed the District fellow to be channelled to our DSC which greatly contributed to our coffers.

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Submitted By : Steven Lee Chun Wah

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