Lions Club of Kluang

OUR LEGACIES – OUR PRIDE. Project Name : Kluang Public Library, Kluang Old Folk’s Home – Rest Room, Kluang Bus Shelters.

Club : Lions Club of Kluang
Club No. : 025622
Sponsor Club : Petaling Jaya
Charter Date : 22/6/1961
Charter President : Ibrahim bin Abdul Majid
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Mary Chew


Project Name : Kluang Public Library

Project Description :

The Library was first initiated in 1968 by Lion Hj.Ismail b. Hj.Hassan when he was the Club President. Later he became a State Exco and was also made a Dato. Under his leadership the project was initiated and launched jointly with Lions Club of Kluang and the State Government. It was a project funded by a 1 for 1 basis between the fund raised by Lions Club of Kluang and the State Government. In 1969 the foundation stone was by laid the State MB Tan Sri Dato Haji Othman Bin Saat and the Library was completed on 12th September 1973 and handed over to the MPK. This library was opened to the public on 1978 where only reading and reference services are allowed because lack of worker and reading material at the beginning. It was later upgraded to become a digital library. Digital collections was added in its collections and the uses of IT was them added and adapted in the library.

Total initial cost for the building was RM 400,000 and half was contributed by Lions Club of Kluang with the remaining half contributed by the State Government.

Today a corner room on the ground floor is reserved for use by the Lions Club of Kluang.



Project Name : Kluang Old Folk’s Home – Rest Room

Project Description :

In 1980 the Lions Club of Kluang built “Rest Room” in the Old Folk’s Home for use by the ladies living in the home. This was handed to the Center Welfare Council looking after the Old Folk Home by the Lion District Governor Jeffery Quah of District 308.

The Rest Room is still functional and serving the inmates up to this date.


Project Name : Kluang Bus Shelters

Project Description :

In the 1970 the Lions Club of Kluang built a total of 6 Bus Shelter in the Kluang Area to serve the public and the school students. These were built in front of schools and near the Hospital etc to serve the public etc. Today, we only have one Bus Shelter left out of the 6 built. This Bus Shelter is the one in front of the Golf Club next to the Merdeka Hotel.