Lions Club of Kluang Mandarin

Project Name : Tree Planting Project in Primary Schools

Club : Lions Club of Kluang Mandarin
Club No. : 5245-059882
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Kluang
Charter Date : 31.07.1997
Charter President : Pang Tok Sang
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Hoo Tsuey Ling
Project Name : Tree Planting Project in Primary Schools
Project Description :
Trees are our earliest neighbours and best friends. In true sense trees are our real neighbour, Trees are of tremendous value to us. They give us oxygen & without this oxygen we cannot imagine the existence of Lively Earth or life. Trees are an important part of the Biosphere that exists on earth. They provide shade to men and animals. Trees are home to numerous birds, insects and animals.

They prevent drought and cause rainfall. They help in checking environmental pollution like, air pollution, soil pollution etc. & trees also are a natural medium to prevent soil erosion. They give us oxygen to breathe in and absorb the carbon dioxide. So, we should promote forestation.

Wood is the most valuable product that trees give us. We use wood in many ways. Wood is used as fuel and firewood. Wood is used to make furniture. Trees are good sources of medicinal herbs, lace and raw materials for many industries. We get resins, natural gums, etc. from the trees. Trees help in maintaining the fertility of soil. They maintain ecological balance. They help in cleaning environment.

Not only trees provide essential things, they also add to the natural beauty.

Unfortunately, trees are being cut indiscriminately. Rapid industrialization, urbanization and population growth have contributed to the loss of trees. In this way we have done great loss to ourselves.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
The tree planting campaign aim for students to plant trees are effective tools to
cultivate environmental awareness among them. Such programme initiated by Lions Club of Kluang Mandarin provided an early exposure to students on environment-related issues and help create awareness on the important role of every individual in protecting Mother Nature.

2. Started

3. Members Involved

4. Benefited
Students and teachers of the four primary schools participated since year 2007.

5. Man hour spent
Planted more than 100 trees as to date

6. Frequency

7. Fund needed
RM3000 annually

8. Source of Fund
Project fund donated by public and contribution from club members

9. Critical success factor
Teamwork, full cooperation among clubs members and supportive from the schools principle and teachers.

10. Other info
The club aim to reach out to all 10 primary schools for tree planting campaign in this region in near future.

Project Photos

Submitted By : Kelvin Loh Chee Soon