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Project Name : Lions Lyfe-Line Leukaemia Fund

Club : Lions Club of KL (West)
Project Name : Lions Lyfe-Line Leukaemia Fund
Project Description : The Lions Lyfe-Line Leukaemia Fund was set up in February 1983 under the umbrella of the Lions Clubs of Kuala Lumpur (West) Charitable Foundation.

The Fund was initiated by the families of two patients who died of Leukaemia. The members of these families together with Hematologist, the Lions Club of KL (West) and various interested individual then formed the Fund. Resulting therefrom on February 24th, 1983 the Lions Lyfe-Line Leukaemia Fund was formed under the chairman, Madam Hildegard Lee and officially launched under the distinguished Patronage of YB Dato’ Seri Dati Paduka Dr. Siti Hasmah.

The Fund comprises of doctors, pharmacist, Medical Social Service Unit from University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), two leading people from the public who could contribute to the furtherance of the objects of the Fund. A maximum of four member of the Lions Club of KL (West) are co-opted into the Committee. Donations to the Fund are entitled to tax-exempt receipts. The Leukaemia Fund has over the past twenty-two years, dedicated itself in providing aid to patients suffering from leukaemia and other blood-related disease. This has most often been in the from of providing potentially life saving drugs to needy patients at UMMC, without which they would have no hope of surviving this disease. The Fund step in when the hospital is unable to provide the required medications and treatment free or when the patient is unable to purchase these. We have successfully met this primary responsibility since our inceptions, with of course the generous support of Malaysians from all walks of life.

1. Objective : To-date, since setting up of the Fund in 1983, more than 1,900 patients have benefited costing approximately RM2.0 million on drugs alone. About RM500,000.00 has been utilized for ancillary equipment, transport allowance, research, data collection, etc.
2. Started : February 1983
3. Members : 4 member
4. Benefited : 1,900
5. Man hour : 8 hours (Visiting & meeting)
6. Frequency : On going
7. Fund: RM500,000.00
8. Why and how : The Fund has no staff of its own and no overheads to drain its resources. The entire income derived through donations from the community large, individuals, commerce and industry and other voluntary organisations and fixed deposit interest is utilized for the objectives of the Fund. No expenses are incurred at our meetings.
9. Other info : Line Leukaemia Fund, a health screening and blood donation project jointly organised by Lions Club of KL (West), Wanita Section of Persatuan Hainan, Selangor & Kuala Lumpur

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Submitted by: Edmund Foo Chee Tuck

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