Lions Club of KL City

Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur City-The Long Standing Service to Community

Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur City has been around for 27 long years and it is one of the clubs that have produced many outstanding Lions in District 308B-1. From having one Past Disctrict Governor in our midst, PDG Lillian Fan to various District Committee members who are holding important portfolios. Our club remains steadfast and committed to serving its community from organizing or participating yearly blood donation drive, coordinating eye clinic checks (even looking for sponsors to sponsor glasses to less capable students), feed, clothe and help the needy and homeless etc. Nearly all the members of this Lions Club of KL City have been a President of the Club and by no means that our numbers are little. We have 30 active members with 1 associate member in our club, all of which are experienced in organizing charity events for the club.

What is close to the hearts of KL City Lions Club is to feed children from poor background (“RAP Project”). Thus, one of our signature projects is providing breakfast to 10 of those children in need from SRJK (C) Serendah and 10 from SRJK (C) Appah. We acknowledge the fact that breakfast is the most essential part of a child’s meal in developing a healthy mind because only with a healthy mind can a child perform in their studies. These children who are really in need were lack of the necessary nutrition when our club first met them. Now, their growth and development seems to have improved over the years. We had also raised funds for SRJK (C) Serendah for the construction of a school hall, co-organized with our own Leo Club of Southern Cross an English Language Camp to improve their English proficiency and understanding of the language. These are just few of the projects which we do yearly as part of our signature projects.

That aside, this year Lions Club of KL City had also established a new fund which is known as the “Lions Club of KL City Cancer Fund”. The purpose of this fund on the outset was to assist a boy by the name of Tan Qiu Hao to obtain a brain surgery in Singapore. Tan Qiu Hao who is just a 4 year old boy, has been having a tumour growing in his brain since he was 2. Various doctors in Malaysia has tried to help him but none has the kind of expertise that is able to fully treat him. Thus, 3 of our most esteem members, Lion Stella Foo, Lion Henry Soong and Lion Ian Wei, together with another fellow Lion from another club, Lion Jason Tang have worked tirelessly to raise funds for Qiu Hao to be treated in Singapore, where treatment is available. After this fund raising campaign had kick-started, various kind individuals, friends from local and abroad had poured in their generous donations to help Qiu Hao, so much so that even Lions Club of Singapoore Orchid had also graciously helped this boy to secure funds on KL City’s behalf. As a result of such overwhelming response, Qiu Hao managed to be treated in Singapore and his surgery was a success. Currently, he is recovering well under the supervision of his parents and doctors from Singapore.

These are just few of the prominent projects which we have accomplished. We are proud to be part of Lions Club of KL City as this is where all of us share the same aspirations to help others who really are in need.

Lions Club of KL City.

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Submitted by: Darren Teo