Lions Club of Bukit Kangkar

Project Name : Bukit Kangkar Tuition Centre

Club : Lions Club of Bukit Kangkar
Club No. : 119044
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Tangkak
Charter Date : 27/03/2013
Charter President : Koh Beng Kiang
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Tan Siow Keng
Project Name : Bukit Kangkar Tuition Centre
Project Description :
This is a project by the Club which a tuition centre has been set up for pupils who are in standard 5 and standard 6 from poor families. Free tuitions are provided to them.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
– to educate and make sure that there is improvement for the involved students with subjects (bahasa melayu, English and mathematics) and ultimately pass their UPSR with excellent/merit results.

– to encourage the involved students to study hard and emphasis of the importance of education.

2. Started
year 2013

3. Members Involved
6 members

4. Benefited
240 students

5. Man hour spent
4 hours a day, 2 times a week.

6. Frequency
twice a week

7. Fund needed
16000 per annum

8. Source of Fund
fund raising project and donation from public

9. Critical success factor
Improvement of the UPSR results from the participated students which attracted more students to get themselves to join the free tuition classes. Thereafter, the Club has work hard to ensure that this project is continuing.

10. Other info
To motivate the students to get better UPSR results, the Club has fully sponsored the students who scored excellence/merits results for a local trip. To make these students more motivation, the Club has given them the cash reward as well.

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Submitted By : Koh Beng Kiang

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