Lions Club Of Bentong

Project Name : Raising fund for Lions Eye Clinic

Club : Lions Club Of Bentong
Club No. : 5245-82802
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Mentakab
Charter Date : 6th March 2005
Charter President : Ln. Leong Kim Soon
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Ln. Kong Chee Hoong
Project Name : Raising fund for Lions Eye Clinic
Project Description :
This project was started in 2014. We had sent 20 patient to Lions Eye Clinic to do cataract operation in 2014, 24 patient in 2015 and 16 patient in 2016. This year we help the Lions Eye Clinic to raise fund by selling the raffle tickets. We are succeed sold out 107 books of raffle tickets.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
Arrange the appointment for the patient to go to Lions Eye Clinic for checking and subsidy the needy to do the cataract operation.

2. Started

3. Members Involved
8 members

4. Benefited

5. Man hour spent
336 hours (8 members)

6. Frequency
Once a year

7. Fund needed
RM 2000

8. Source of Fund
Project fund from fund raising and donation from club members.

9. Critical success factor

10. Other info

Project Photos

Submitted By : Agnes Yeong

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