Leo Lions Club of Batu Pahat United

Project Name : Health Care Series Campaign

Club : Leo Lions Club of Batu Pahat United
Club No. :
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Batu Pahat
Charter Date : 12-08-2016
Charter President : Leo Lion Solvia Lai
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Leo Lion Solvia Lai
Project Name : Health Care Series Campaign
Project Description :
In conjunction with World Diabetes Month, the Lions Club International of District 308B1 took the initiative to having a series of awareness campaign themed as “LIONS FIGHT DIABETES” throughout the district. To support this meaningful diabetes awareness campaign, Leo Lions Club of Batu Pahat United had organized one on 6 Nov 2016 (Sunday), starting from 1.00pm to 6.00pm at the main concourse of Summit Mall. This campaign has got a big support from Ministry of Health Batu Pahat. The representative Dr Lai Fu Yi had been invited to launch the opening ceremony. We were so pleased to have invited so many sponsorships to join us in the event such as AM PM Pharmacy Sdn Bhd, Faculty of Health and Life Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine) from INTI International University, The Vision Optometry Sdn Bhd and also the Aerodance Club from Batu Pahat.

Besides that, Lions Club of Batu Pahat and Leos had given us the best support by attending our event. Leos from SMK DSE, Chinese High School of Batu Pahat as well as High School of Batu Pahat had involved themselves in Jom! Take a Photo session. To raise the awareness of diabates among public, we had designed a series of posters and our members took the posters and explain the disadvantages and how to prevent Diabetes to the public.
At 3.00pm, under the lead of Mr Kharyl, the public had changed into sport attire and had Zumba dance together with us. After 1-hour workout, nutritionist Ms Aria Lee had given a health talk to correct the audiences’ wrong perspective and also to know more about Diabetes and how to prevent from it.

The campaign was ended successfully at 6.00pm by giving away the goodies bags to public.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
To raise the awareness of Diabetes disease among public.

2. Started

3. Members Involved
27 members

4. Benefited
200 people was benefited from the campaign.

5. Man hour spent
8 man hour were spent

6. Frequency
The health series project will be carried out approximately around 3 months.

7. Fund needed

8. Source of Fund

9. Critical success factor
People nowadays give an emphasis on their health issue. We can continuously conduct this kind of projects to enable public to understand more different chronic diseases that will harm their body. Creating awareness of such important information is the critical success factor of this project undergoing.

10. Other info

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Submitted By : Solvia Lai Chu Yan

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