Lions Club Indera Mahkota

Project Name : conduct english class and provide basic essential items

Club : Lions Club Indera Mahkota
Club No. : 051180
Sponsor Club : lions Club of Kuantan
Charter Date : 3.1.1991
Charter President : Nyon Mee Khim
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Tan Kim Lee
Project Name : Conduct English Class and Provide Basic Essential Items
Project Description :
An english language class was conducted by members to 30 orang asli orphans once a week .

Basic essential items such as rice, cooking oil etc are sent to the home on regular basis.

1. Objective of the Signature Project
The class is conducted to provide basic foundation of English for the children.
Basic essential items are contributed on regular basic and once in a while we will organise party to bring cheers to the children.

2. Started

3. Members Involved

4. Benefited

5. Man hour spent

6. Frequency
once a week for the class, essential items on regular basic

7. Fund needed

8. Source of Fund
club project fund

9. Critical success factor
Children feel more confident to converse in simple English. Make sure the class is conducted continuously.

10. Other info

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Submitted By : Lions club Indera Mahkota

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