Lim Hoe Guan, PDG

PDG Lim Hoe Guan
Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Capital
District 308B1, Fiscal Year 2014-2015

LIONS OPEN DAY is a carnival exhibition to showcase our Lions services to our communities; The theme of ‘Strengthen the Pride Through Services’ in conjunction with Centennial Challenge to mark its 100 years of service to mankind. District 308 B1 take this unprecedented & historic big event of the year to give public an opportunity to experience and understand better the wide range of services provided by the Lions. The services showcased were:

Crime Prevention/Environmental Awareness/Health
Screening/Financial education /Road
Safety/First aid/Youth & Children Services etcs.

The success of this event was the result of the teamwork put up by our Lions clubs in the District with all the partners- in- service from the Government Agencies ,NGOs and Private Organizations.


Objective is to provide and support financial Education, Financial Counselling, Debt Management to those in need through our Lions clubs as part of our contribution of service to Society.


Objective is to improve the quality of lives of children with intellectual disabilities. To promote engagement and provide opportunities for handicap children, youth, and Leos. To be inclusive in serving this unfortunate group of children with intellectual disabilities & beyond.

Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief Projects with District 325 B1 Nepal

East Coast Flood Disaster

Total of 3 Relief Missions provided essential goods, cleaning tools, Shelter Cabins and Rebuilding Homes.

Total fund raised for the said purpose: More than RM700K in cash and RM600K in kinds. 10 temporary Shelter Cabins and 6 permanent Homes were build for the flood victims.

Nepal Earthquake Disaster

3 Relief Missions trips to Nepal to assess the extend of disaster damage, provide relief and joined project with the District 325 B1 to buildHomes . Total of more than RM200K were raised.

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