JJ Lions Dialysis Centre

JJ Lions Dialysis Centre (707043-U) formerly know as JJ Lions Dialysis Centre Bhd was incorporated in August 2005 and started its dialysis operation since March 26, 2006. After overcoming tremendous obstacles and meeting countless challenges head on over the years, the JJ Lions Dialysis Centre has become stronger and more determined than ever in its life-saving mission.

The JJ Lions Dialysis Centre had since expended to a three shop lots fully renovated premise and granted with full licenses (Borang 4 & 6) for 28 chairs by the authority. In short, we can accommodate up to 168 patients in three shifts operation. More importantly, we had been successful in converting the establishment from “Non Profit” to Foundation Status” and been awarded “Tax Exemption” Status. (No. Warta Kerajaan Bilangan 28054) effective 1st July 2011.

You have helped us to painstakingly build this institution by establishing deep-rooted fundamentals, a transparent system and a culture continuous innovation that are today the bedrock of the foundation’s success. And this success has translated into hundreds of lives being saved. Our patients live today and families have great relief and peace of mind, only because of your love and compassion. You made this possible. We will continue to do our best to help protect you and your loved ones from life-threatening renal illness through our preventives in the pipeline. At the same time, we will continue to save lives of those less affordable who are stricken by end stage renal disease through high subsidies for costly treatment, medication and rehabilitation. Just as we have weathered many storms since the inception of The Centre, we know we can continue to do so with your unyielding support. Your continued generosity, compassion and trust in us will give us the strength and courage to persevere, no matter what the odds are against us, so that many more lives will be saved.

We look forward to your continued commitment as we face tougher challenges ahead.

柔佛再也獅子會洗腎中心(707043-U),之前爲柔佛再也獅子會洗腎中心(非盈利)成立于2005年8月。于2006年3月26日開始運作。柔佛再也獅子会洗腎中心在籌備期间,跨越了一切的阻礙及克服無數的挑戰,已茁狀成長 ,漸入佳境,發揮换救生命的任敄。




我們將推廣預防腎病的運動,以使社會人士免受腎病之苦。同时,我們亦撥出高額的補貼金,以資助貧困的腎友支付洗腎, 藥物及康復的高昂费用。