Dr Mario Yoong Foh Yan, PCC

DR. MARIO YOONG FOH YAN, DG 1987-88 & CC 1998-99


District Governor District 308 A (1987 – 1988)
Served as District Governor of 308 A – Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Singapore & part of Johor.

District Governor’s Theme: We Serve with Tenderness, Love & Care.


International Convention in Taipei, Taiwan (1987 – 1988)


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Lions Club International voted overwhelmingly Saturday to lift immediately its 70-year-old ban on female members.

“The presence of women should add new life and vitality to Lions Club International,” said the service organization’s president, Brian Stevenson, of Calgary, Canada. “The problems of the world are too serious to limit their solution to only half of our population.”

Women had been barred from the Lions Club since its formation by a Chicago business group in 1917. Officials said women were kept out because so few were in business when the organization began.

Of the 5,100 delegates who voted Saturday, 77% voted in favor of an amendment to the constitution removing the stipulation that members be male.

International President 1987 – 88 Judge Brian Stevenson (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Council Chairperson 1998 – 1999

The 1st Council Chairperson to serve in the new Multiple District 308 with 4 Districts and 4 Elected District Governors namely 308 A1 DG Han Thien Fong, 308 A2 DG Hjh Ellis Suriyati Hj Omar, 308 B1 DG Chee Boon Leong and 308 B2 DG Michael P F Tham

International President Kajit “KJ” Habanananda 1998 – 99 (Bangkok, Thailand)

International Convention in Birmingham, England in 1998

District Fellowship & Extension in 1987 – 88

Strong fellowship and good growth throughout the year.
The fellowship continued even after my fiscal year and went on for many years.
In 1987 – 88 I formed and chartered a total of 11 new Lions Clubs and was awarded 11 Clubs Extension Award by LCI.

Multi-National Coordinator (Campaign SightFirst)

In 1990 – 1994 was appointed MULTI-NATIONAL COORDINATOR Oseal Area 6-7 for LCI Campaign SightFirst (1990-1994) and helped raised US $2 Million from the Lions of MD 310 (Thailand) & MD 308 for SightFirst Projects. Worldwide LCI raised over US$ 146 Million during the 3 year SightFirst Campaign.

Information Technology & Website Development

Have served in the District and Multiple District as the Advisor and Chairperson for the District and Multiple District Websites for many years.

Leadership Development and Training in District and Multiple District

Was the “Head of Lions Institute” for many years and trained many District Leaders and VDGs and DGs of the our District.


Multiple District 308
MD Leadership Development & Training. Conducted “MD Train The Trainer” workshops and training in all the 4 Districts. Conducted seminars and Certified Guiding Lions workshops in B1 and B2 and also in the OSEAL area.

Had received numerous awards, 100% Presidents Award, 100% District Governors Award, 4 International Presidents Medal Awards, International Leadership Award, Many International Certificates of Appreciation, District Fellows Awards and Melvin Jones Awards and Johor Sultan’s State Award.

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