Dr Chin Yoon Hiap, PCC


PCC Dr Chin Yoon Hiap
District Governor 1988-1989

District Theme

As a four year old Lion, I did not seek to be a District Governor so early in my Lionistic career. I was requested to be the District Governor for 308B because 1989 was the election year for the International Director of MD 308, and that Convention was to be held at Kuala Lumpur.

The theme for that year was GROWTH THROUGH UNDERSTANDING & UNITY, as the membership of 308B was 60% of 308A. With growth, understanding and unity, we achieved the impossible. Dato Douglas KK Lee became the first International Director of 308B.

I did achieve the 100% District Governor’s Award, by following all the necessary guidelines. It was only in May 1989, that I attended the Lions Leadership Course that LCI was promoting. No doubt, I then discovered that all that I learnt should have been done earlier, before becoming a District Governor!

But it was only in 1996, when I was the Council Chairman, that I had the greatest satisfaction of persuading the two District Governors of that term, PDG Sam Leong and PCC SG Chin, to successfully bifurcate MD 308 into 4 Districts.

In similar manner, the Lion Leaders of the present era must have the courage and wisdom of promoting another bifurcation after nearly 20 years.

Yours in Lionism,
PCC Dr Chin Yoon Hiap

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