Dr Ben C Ng, PDG

PDG Dr Ben C Ng
District Governor 2011-2012

District Logo

Vision: To propel the image & spirit of Lionism in Malaysia through clubs’ members’ performance in service that benefits the entire community, while projecting a true believer of a Lion.

Mission: To encourage all clubs’ members to believe in and put into action in strengthening our membership, take softer stance in caring for fellow members, practice the belief of success in expanding our service into greater heights, nurturing young Lions by immediate involvement and leading the Leos in making a difference, for a better society.

District Focus: “Member First, Performance Now”

District Theme: “We Believe”
 Believe in Service
 Believe in Club Members
 Believe in Leadership
 Believe in Projecting Lion’s Image

International President: Dr. Wing Kun-Tam 2011-2012

International Theme “I Believe”

International Logo:

The theme challenge Lions in districts and clubs to demonstrate their belief by having the courage to make a commitment and take action. This action will make visible the power of belief in the Lions clubs network; making an impact worldwide today and for the future.

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