Lilian Fan, PDG

LILIAN FAN, DG 2004-05


Theme:    “ To Serve with Commitment & Care”


International President:  President Clement F. Kusiak



Net Growth of 121, Total Lions as of end June 2004 = 2,479

Won MD 308 Award for Highest number of female Lions Membership increase.


5  New Lions clubs formed

  • Lions Clubs of Segamat Putrie chartered Oct 20, 2004
  • New Century Lions Club of Segamat Baru chartered Oct 20, 2004
  • Lions Club of Bentong chartered March 6, 2005
  • Lions Club of Mega City chartered March 20, 2005
  • Lions Club of KL Bukit Jalil chartered March 26, 2005

9 New LEO Clubs formed

Omega Clubs:

Leo Clubs of Bangsar KUPTM, sponsored by KL Bangsar
Leo Club of KL Capity Unity, sponsored by KL Capital
Leo Club of Southern college, sponsored by Senai
Leo Club of KL Bukit Kiara, sponsored by KL Bukit Kiara

Alpha Clubs:

Leo Club of Kluang West, sponsored by Kluang
Leo Club of SMK Bandar Kerayong, sponsored by Triang Mandarin
Leo Club of SMK Mutiara Rini, sponsored by Johor Jaya
Leo Club of Foon Yew High School,  sponsored by Tanjung Petrie
Leo Club of SMK Tanah Merah, sponsored by Port Dickson

Melvin Jones fellows 22
District Fellows         53

International Awards Received during the term

International President’s Leadership Award (2005) for Outstanding Achievement as District Governor



  1. Diabetes Awareness
  2. Environment
  3. Hearing & Speech Action & work with the deaf
  4. International Understanding and Cooperation
  5. LCIF
  6. Leo Clubs
  7. Sightfirst Prevention & Reversing blindness
  8. Youth Exchange
  9. Youth Outreach
  10. Cultural & Community Services
  11. Women membership & Development Program
  12. Peace Poster – for the first time 308B1 won an international award (submission from LC Chukai Central)


  1. Lions District 308B1 Foundation
  2. Lions Blood Bank
  3. Lions Eye Bank
  4. Campaign Sightfirst using Lions Mobile Eye Unit
  5. Lions with PDRM, campaigns on road safety, drug and alcohol abuse, good neighbourliness, Larian Amal, Oustanding Policemen awards, adoption of Police cadet or support financially poor students to join Police Cadet in School
  6. Lions with DBKL; environmental projects eg. Tree planting, recycling activities, cleanliness and beautification campaign.
  7. Lions Education Fund




District joint project with the Malaysia KL Eye Hospital to perform cornea transplant. District contributed RM25,000 to KL Eye Hospital.  District also sponsored our own Eye Bank van and Bus that travels to the rural areas to provide eyesight tests.


  • Schools for Cabinet Officers, June 20 2005
  • Schools for Presidents July 2004
  • YES Program in Muar, Aug 2004
  • District Trainers conference Sept, 2004
  • Certified Leo Advisors program, Oct 2004
  • District 308B1 LLI Nov 2004
  • 2 Lions completed SLI program in Manila, Nov 2004
  • YES Camp for in Eco Resort for 160 Leos, Dec 2004
  • YES Camp for Japanese YE, Jan 2005
  • YES Trainers Progam Mar 2005

CLUBS VISIT – completed individual visits to 87 club (100% including 5 new clubs chartered in that year).  


Monthly newsletters issued from July 2004 to June 2005
4 Quarterly District Bulletin issued


Clubs in district 308B1 raised RM299,318.24 (excluding clubs direct donations to the Government) for the Tsunami Disaster activity.  

Also donated food stuff, water, RM50,000 cash donations to Lions Club in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.  Donated 500 bicycles worth RM53,000 to the Tsunami victims children in Kota Kedah

District contributed RM4,000 each through the Lions Clubs:

  1. Lions Club of Chukai Central for flood victims, Dec. 2004
  2. Lions Club of Kuala Krai for flood victims, Dec 2004
  3. Lions Club of Mentakab and Bentong for fire victims in Jan 2005


Dr Mario Yoong Foh Yan, PCC

DR. MARIO YOONG FOH YAN, DG 1987-88 & CC 1998-99


District Governor District 308 A (1987 – 1988)
Served as District Governor of 308 A – Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Singapore & part of Johor.

District Governor’s Theme: We Serve with Tenderness, Love & Care.


International Convention in Taipei, Taiwan (1987 – 1988)


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Lions Club International voted overwhelmingly Saturday to lift immediately its 70-year-old ban on female members.

“The presence of women should add new life and vitality to Lions Club International,” said the service organization’s president, Brian Stevenson, of Calgary, Canada. “The problems of the world are too serious to limit their solution to only half of our population.”

Women had been barred from the Lions Club since its formation by a Chicago business group in 1917. Officials said women were kept out because so few were in business when the organization began.

Of the 5,100 delegates who voted Saturday, 77% voted in favor of an amendment to the constitution removing the stipulation that members be male.

International President 1987 – 88 Judge Brian Stevenson (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Council Chairperson 1998 – 1999

The 1st Council Chairperson to serve in the new Multiple District 308 with 4 Districts and 4 Elected District Governors namely 308 A1 DG Han Thien Fong, 308 A2 DG Hjh Ellis Suriyati Hj Omar, 308 B1 DG Chee Boon Leong and 308 B2 DG Michael P F Tham

International President Kajit “KJ” Habanananda 1998 – 99 (Bangkok, Thailand)

International Convention in Birmingham, England in 1998

District Fellowship & Extension in 1987 – 88

Strong fellowship and good growth throughout the year.
The fellowship continued even after my fiscal year and went on for many years.
In 1987 – 88 I formed and chartered a total of 11 new Lions Clubs and was awarded 11 Clubs Extension Award by LCI.

Multi-National Coordinator (Campaign SightFirst)

In 1990 – 1994 was appointed MULTI-NATIONAL COORDINATOR Oseal Area 6-7 for LCI Campaign SightFirst (1990-1994) and helped raised US $2 Million from the Lions of MD 310 (Thailand) & MD 308 for SightFirst Projects. Worldwide LCI raised over US$ 146 Million during the 3 year SightFirst Campaign.

Information Technology & Website Development

Have served in the District and Multiple District as the Advisor and Chairperson for the District and Multiple District Websites for many years.

Leadership Development and Training in District and Multiple District

Was the “Head of Lions Institute” for many years and trained many District Leaders and VDGs and DGs of the our District.


Multiple District 308
MD Leadership Development & Training. Conducted “MD Train The Trainer” workshops and training in all the 4 Districts. Conducted seminars and Certified Guiding Lions workshops in B1 and B2 and also in the OSEAL area.

Had received numerous awards, 100% Presidents Award, 100% District Governors Award, 4 International Presidents Medal Awards, International Leadership Award, Many International Certificates of Appreciation, District Fellows Awards and Melvin Jones Awards and Johor Sultan’s State Award.

Laylay Loh, PDG

pdg-laylay-lohLaylay Loh
2000 – 2001
District Governor, District 308 B1
District Theme:


Convention/ Forum
83rd LCI Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
38th MD308 Kota Kinabalu
39th OSEAL Forum, Busan, Korea

84th LCI Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
39th MD308 Kuala Lumpur

LCI Award: 100% District Governor

Lion Clubs International President: Dr Jean Behar
Theme: Quality, Key To The Future


On consolidating and re-building
“Go back to basics and do things right”
Clubs urged to fulfill their Charter obligations.
48/67 clubs achieved 100% Club Award from LCI.

LCI introduced e-Filing: District 308 B1 achieved 80% compliance

New Clubs: Segamat Bukit Siput, Port Dickson

LCIF Grant
Key role in the Muar Lions Renal Centre to receive its first ever LCIF Grant of USD75,000.00
Administrator of this LCIF Grant.

Name Change
LCI approved the change in name of Lions Club of Kepong to Lions Club of Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Tree Planting
Promoted the importance of preserving and conserving the environment through planting of indigenous trees. Led by PDG John Loh as Project Chairperson, the District secured entries into the Guinness Book of Records and the Malaysia Book of Records by planting 110461 trees in 1 minute nationwide in October 2000.

39th MD308 Lions Convention, Kuala Lumpur, April 2001
Hosted by District 308 B1
Renewed MOU (for 5 years) between Lions District 308 B1 and PDRM (Polis DiRaja Malaysia) for period 2001-2006
Unanimous delegates decision
– to sell (jointly with District 308B2) the LIONS Headquarters at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur with proceeds of sale to purchase an alternative building.
– to increase District dues by $14.00 from $64.00 to $78.00 effective 1 July 2001.


RM 148,846.45 India Gujarat 2001 Earthquake Victims
RM 103,610.00 seed fund (proceeds from 49th MD 308 Lions Convention) to establish the Kuala Lumpur Lions Renal Centre


PCC Albert Tan Chew Peng

pcc-albert-tan-chew-pengPCC Albert Tan Chew Peng
2001 – 2002


District Theme: We Care, We Serve, We Grow


Mission Statement

To have a healthy and sustainable grow of the Lion District with team work and leadership development and by earning ourselves a good name in providing good and relevant services to the community, with care and passion

The District took on the theme “We Care, We Serve, We Grow”, with the vision of DG Albert Tan for the District to grow with honor, by serving the community of our multi-racial society with humility and passion, and at the same time with a sincere care for the well being of the less fortunate in the community and a deep concern for the healthy development of our youth.

DG Tan successfully motivated the clubs in the District to move in unison with Lions worldwide in four priority areas in the Lions development: Membership Growth, Leadership Development, Youth Development and Lions’ Public Relation.

With the vision, mission and the priorities of the District Office clearly digested and embraced, the cabinet officers went all out to achieve our common goals set for the District. Constant feedbacks and brainstorming were conducted throughout the fiscal year using effective communication tools, such as the “Cabinet Conferences”, created during the fiscal year, carried out one day before each cabinet meeting, had ensured our success as a team. Many of the cabinet officers went on to offer themselves for higher Office in the years to follow.

With a positive environment and good leadership development, many clubs achieved great membership growth, with a net District growth of 144 and the chartering of four new clubs for the fiscal year. Meanwhile, Leo clubs continued to growth with good programs and the District’s good public relations was evident by the good relationships we enjoyed with other NGO and the local governments throughout the fiscal year.