Lim Hoe Guan, PDG

PDG Lim Hoe Guan
Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Capital
District 308B1, Fiscal Year 2014-2015

LIONS OPEN DAY is a carnival exhibition to showcase our Lions services to our communities; The theme of ‘Strengthen the Pride Through Services’ in conjunction with Centennial Challenge to mark its 100 years of service to mankind. District 308 B1 take this unprecedented & historic big event of the year to give public an opportunity to experience and understand better the wide range of services provided by the Lions. The services showcased were:

Crime Prevention/Environmental Awareness/Health
Screening/Financial education /Road
Safety/First aid/Youth & Children Services etcs.

The success of this event was the result of the teamwork put up by our Lions clubs in the District with all the partners- in- service from the Government Agencies ,NGOs and Private Organizations.


Objective is to provide and support financial Education, Financial Counselling, Debt Management to those in need through our Lions clubs as part of our contribution of service to Society.


Objective is to improve the quality of lives of children with intellectual disabilities. To promote engagement and provide opportunities for handicap children, youth, and Leos. To be inclusive in serving this unfortunate group of children with intellectual disabilities & beyond.

Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief Projects with District 325 B1 Nepal

East Coast Flood Disaster

Total of 3 Relief Missions provided essential goods, cleaning tools, Shelter Cabins and Rebuilding Homes.

Total fund raised for the said purpose: More than RM700K in cash and RM600K in kinds. 10 temporary Shelter Cabins and 6 permanent Homes were build for the flood victims.

Nepal Earthquake Disaster

3 Relief Missions trips to Nepal to assess the extend of disaster damage, provide relief and joined project with the District 325 B1 to buildHomes . Total of more than RM200K were raised.

Dato Dr L Krishnan, IPDG

District Governor Dato’ Dr. L. Krishnan
District 308B1, Fiscal Year 2015-2016

Dato Dr L Krishnan was installed as the District Governor 308B1 for fiscal year 2015 – 2016 at the 98th International Lions Convention in Hawaii and the Inauguration of District Governor and Installation of Cabinet Officers was held on 111h July 2015 at the Klana Resort in Seremban in the presence of our International President Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada.

District Theme and District logo

(1) The District Theme, “Let’s Touch Hearts” was the “touching theme” for the year

To Serve With Compassion touching the hearts of the Lions and the community.

(2) District logo:-

The stethoscope reminds Lions to “Listen to the needs of the Needy”
Heart represent the Hearts of the Lions and the community – of those who Serve and Being Served
Purple colour which is the Regal colour for Loyalty & DIgnity and is also one of the colours of the LCI
Two Open Hands in two colours represent the multiracial nature of Malaysia – To Touch Hearts with Love.
Yellow represents Royal Service – the standard and quality of service to be adhered to by Lions

“Lions Centennial Services Day with AKPK & PIDM” was held on 29th November 2015 headed by the DC AKPK and PIDM, Lion Dato’ Javern Lim. A total of 3 categories of charity run was organized at Taman Tasik Permaisuri in Kuala Lumpur together with live concert performances and financial and health talks. About 4,000 people participated in this grand event and the surplus fund raised were donated to the four District projects, namely RM10,000 to Lions Education Learn Fund, RM10,000 to Lions Prosthetic Limb Fund, RM5,000 to Lions Eye Clinic and RM 5,000 to KL Renal Centre.

Prosthetic Limbs Project is a new service project launch by the District for the fiscal year 2015-2016, with 21 high quality prosthetic limbs costing a total of RM112,357 given out to those in need in order to improve their quality of life and back to work to assist their family.


Lions Mount Everest Expedition (MEE). District embarked on the MEE project in January 2016 with Lion Dato Javern Lim as the Organising Chairman. Lion James Lee Chong Meng of the Lions Club of Bahau at 68 years attempted to be the oldest Malaysia to conquer the 8,848 meter high Mount Everest accompanied by 4 trekkers. The expedition was intended to promote ‘Save Environment & Stay Healthy’ theme, as well demonstrate the “Malaysia Boleh” spirit. The team trekked to the Everest Base Camp at 5,866 meter whilst Lee reached Camp 3 at 7,983 meter before extreme weather condition of high winds and temperature below -31 degrees forced him to turn back on 19th May 2016. Lee is undeterred and wishes to have a second attempt in April 2017.

Chennai Flood Relief PROJECT

Chennai was flooded on 4th December 2015, the city’s worst rains in 100 years wreaking unprecedented havoc. It claimed 61 victims with thousands were made homeless. The Chennai Flood Relief Fund under the Chairmanship of 1st VDG Sashekala raised a total of of RM114,351.00 from 60 Lions Clubs, 38 Lions and 3 friends of Lions. DG Dato’ Dr L Krishnan visited the flood affected area on 14th Dec 2015 to understand the extend of damage and type of aid needed. DG visited Chennai again on 21st April 2016 to initiate the projects and by 23rd Jun 2016 the following projects were launched:
Advent Christian Primary School of Perumbakkam Chennai: built 3 rest rooms and donated study desks chairs to 100 pupils
St Thomas Mount Panchayat Union Middle School Nookampalayam Chennai: built a school kitchen and donated study desks and chairs to 75 pupils
St Mark Primary School of Velacheri Chennai: built 10 rest rooms

The projects were launched by Governor Dato’ Dr L Krishnan in the presence of Governor P. Pudukan (District 324 A6), Governor Balaji (District 324 A1), Lion presidents and Lions from Chennai and Malaysia, PIBG chairmen and committee members, school heads, teachers and the general public.

In closing, I wish to express my sincere thanks to Past Officers of the Association, my Cabinet Officers, Club Presidents, Lions, Lionesses and Leos for their co-operation and commitment in joining me in extending a year meaningful services of Touching Hearts.

Let’s Touch Hearts

Thank you. Regards.
Lion Dato’ Dr. L. Krishnan
District Governor 2015-2016
District 308 B1 Malaysia

Sr John S C Loh, PDG

PDG Sr John S C Loh
District Governor 1981-1982

District Theme



L1. District Theme: Reach Out To Serve,
L2. LCI Theme: People At Peace- IP Kay Murakami,
L3. LCI Ambassador of Good Will,
L4. District 308 Governor 1981-1982 : Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei,
L5.District Centennial Coordinator 2014 – 2017,
L6. Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow,
L7. Chairman, AAA Property Group,

L8. With Lioness Laylay,
L9. LOH young family,
L10. With PDG Laylay Loh,
L11. With Luke & Yinyin, Louise & Nigel,
L12. Malaysia Book of Records, Attended 36 LCI Conventions,
L13. Guinness Book of Records, Planting 110,416 trees In One Minute with former PM Tun Dr Mahathir,
L14.Legacy Project Kuching, Sarawak Society For The Deaf,
L15. First District Headquarters Penang,
L16. Founder Chairperson & Trustee Kuala Lumpur Lions Foundation with Lions Renal Center,
L17. First District Lions Who’s Who & Manual,
L18. Past President of Lions Club of George Town with former PM Tunku Abdul Rahman,
L19. First Mandarin Speaking Lions Club MD308, Charter certificate Lions Club of George Town Central (charter member),
L20. Past President of Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur (Host), first and oldest club 18.2.1959.

Also served as Member of Election Com. LCI Convention (1990); OSEAL Panel; MD Trainer(1990-1993); Chair of COC for 2001 Lions MD & Dist. Conv. in KL ; Chair of Dist. 308 Disaster Relief Fund; Founder Trustee of District 308 B Foundation; Chair and First Director of Lions Headquarters Sdn Bhd.

OTHER FIRSTS : Formed 18 clubs with 8 clubs in 1981-1982 including Tenom(Host), George Town Central, Dungun, Kuala Krai, Labis and Kota Kinabalu Metro; Sponsored more than 50 members; Responsible for Bifurcation into 308 A and 308 B and draft of MD 308 Constitution; First Inauguration Ceremony of DG; First School for Cabinet Officers & Club Presidents; Member 44 years since October 1972; District Chairperson (Club Extension & International Relations), Zone Chair and Deputy District Governor; Associate mbr of Lions Club of Penang Light and was mbr of Johor Bahru (Host); District Fellow (308, 308 B,308 B1).

Contact (14.2.2017)

Leong A Sam, PDG

PDG Leong A Sam
District Governor 1996-1997

District Theme

Elected as Vice District Governor in 1995, Sam was installed as District Governor of District 308B, 1996/97, in June, 1996 at the Lions Clubs International Convention in Montreal, Canada.

As a firm believer in teaming, he did not promote a district theme, but in the spirit of global team leadership, adopted LCI’s motto, We Serve, and International President, Augustine Soliva’s Theme, Building Bridges of Partnership, for our District.

Focus during the term was on: 1) membership and club growth, 2) leadership development, and 3) enabling and empowering leadership of clubs within the District for more effective leadership, growth & services.

1) Consolidated blood donation activities by Lions clubs within the District to be reported as consolidated effort . For the first time in our history, we were able to present a consolidated accounting of our contributions to our community’s need for blood to save lives. This effort has been perpetuated till present, and significantly enhanced.

2) Initiated the re-districting of Multiple District 308 with Council Chairperson, Dr. Chin Upon Hiap, and my counterpart, District Governor S G Chin of District 308A, into Districts 308A1, 308A2, 308B1 and 308B2 successfully during our term. The re-distracted Multiple District together with its sub-districts became functional in 1998/99.

3. Chartered 8 Lions Clubs, and 1 Lioness Club, namely:

a) Lions Club of Prai, Penang
b) Lions Club of Tanjong Indah, Penang
c) Lions Club of Georgetown Island, Penang
d) Lions Club of Kangar, Perlis
e) Lions Club of PJ Mutiara
f) Lions Club of Kota Budaya, Kelantan
g) Lions Club of Ampang
h) Lions Club of KL Metropolitan
i) Lioness Club of Yong Penh, Johor

4. One of the few clubs globally to achieve the International President, Augustine Soliva 1996/97’s Paradigm Award of net gain of 10% in membership.

International Recognition
1) International Leadership Award (1996/97)
2) International President Paradigm Medal (1996/97)
3) International President Medal (1997/98)
4. International President Medal (2010/11)

Multiple District Leadership:
– Committee Chairperson
1. Constitution (2007/08)
2. Leadership (MERL TEAM) (2008/2011)
3. Opportunities for Youths

Siah Yok Lin, PDG

PDG Siah Yok Lin
District Governor 1999-2000

International President 1999/2000 – James Ervin
Council Chairman 1999/2000 – Dr. Winston Koh

District Theme – For Greater Lions Image & Prestige

DG’s Logo

“To create a greater awareness of our Lions Image & subsequently enhance our Prestige/Pride as Lions, through the various designated projects in the District. Apart from Lions Image, to promote Harmony (through Fellowship), Membership, Leadership & Partnership.”

LCI Award – 100% District Governor

37 th 1999 MD308 Convention – Johor Bahru.
82 nd International Convention – San Diego
38 th 2000 MD308 Convention – Kota Kinabalu
38 th Oseal Forum – Singapore

District 308 B1 Designated Projects for 1999/2000

1. Lions Blood Bank
2. Sight First Bus
3. Lions Partnership with PDRM at state and local club levels
4. Lions Partnership with Local Municipality
5. Cataract Intervention Campaign
6. Diabetes Screening and Awareness
7. Road safety (PDRM)
8. Public Services (e.g Bench in parks with Lions Logo)
9. Highway Signboards (8ft by 16ft, if possible) showing Lions Logo and other details
10. Bus shelters in Town with Lions Logo
11. Education Scholarships for poor students
12. Fund Raising (Cycle for life,Walk for Life)

District 308 Foundation
– Appeals for funds were given through the following clubs:-

1. JE Family Support Fund
– Total of RM 246,400 was collected under the fund and distributed to deserving families affected by the outbreak
2. Lions Club of Kota BahruRM 2,000.00 for Down Syndrome
3. Lions Club of SegamatRM 4,000.00 for Dialysis Centre
4. Lions Clubs of MuarRM 4,000.00 for Muar Dialysis Centre
5. Lions Clubs of Johor BahruRM 4,000.00 for JB Dialysis Centre
6. District 308 B1RM 4,000.00 for Taiwan Earth Quake Relief Fund
7. Lions Clubs of MuarRM 10,000.00 for Muar Bakri Fire Victim
8. Tabung Hari Lions Bersama PDRMRM 10,000.00 for PDRM

Train-The Trainers/District Trainers Conference/Membership Seminars
The above 3 seminars/conference were held during 1999/2000
– Elect Schools 1999/2000
1) 10th July 99 in JB for 1999/2000 Presidents
2) 10th& 11th June 2000 in Segamat for 2000/2001 Presidents

Leadership Institute
– 5 participants were selected to attend the above leadership school from 1-4 Nov 99 in Singapore.

Club Twinning
Date – Clubs – Between
4/12/99 – Lions Club of Georgetown Mutiara and Lions Club of Kota Budaya.
29/1/2000 – Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Central and Lions Club of Johor Bahru Host.
4/3/2000 – Lions Club of TanjungBidara and Lions Club of Bahau.
11/5/2000 – Lions Club of KL Metropolitan and Lions Club of Taipei Tung Hsin.

Membership Growth – Total nett increase 163 members
Leo Clubs – Increase of 7 new clubs
Melvin Jones Fellow – 8
District Foundation – 10

1) PDRM & District 308 B
2) MAPO & District 308 B1
3) Upha Corporation& 308 B

Club Extension
1) Lions Club of Bangsar
2) Lions Club of Triang Mandarin
3) Lions Club of Simpang Renggam

Lions ‘Walk For Life’ on 14/01/2000 nation-wide. Amount raised RM109,555.

Youth Programme
1) 2 Youth Camps organized – 18-19 March 2000 & 1-2 April 2000
2) Leo Forum – 2-4 June 2000, KL
3) Youth Exchange
– Outbound Youths 182
– Inbound Youths 97

Launching of 308B1 Club Administration Manual by Council Chairman on 10/06/2000

Jason C Y Kon, PDG

PDG Jason C Y Kon
District Governor 2002-2003

Installed as District Governor by International President Kay K Fukushima on 12th July 2002 at the 85th International Convention in OSAKA, Japan. District Governor Inauguration and Cabinet Officers Installation held on 20th July 2002 at Renaissance Hotel Kota Bharu, very honoured to have Tengku Mahkota of Kelantan as the Guest of Honour.

District Theme

The International & District Theme was “One World, One Heart Building A better Tomorrow”

District Logo “Kelantan Kite”, symbolized the first District Governor from Kelantan, the Kelantan Kite can fly very high and can see a distance searching those who are in need so that Lions can go there to serve and provide the necessity to help the less fortunate, the flying kite also produce a very harmonious sound which enjoyed by most people.

I emphasized on the pillars of Lionism and no “NATO” (No Action Talk Only) business in Leadership and services and I also encouraged more fellowship to create a better bondage & understanding amongst members

FY 2002-2003 was a fruitful year where the District extended 3 new clubs: LC Mentakab, LC KL Bukit Kiara and New Century Lions Club of KL City, first of its kind in the MD308.

The first District in MD308 to form 3 Club Branch a minimum of 10 members per branch, they are Bukit Bintang Branch of LC KL Seputeh (All Japanese expatriates), Senai Branch of JB City and Lukut Branch of KL Cheras.

Trained the Pioneer group of first 33 “Certified Guiding Lions” in March 2003, completed a “Train The Trainers” workshop in January and a “District Trainers Enhancement Workshop” in May, the District purchased the first lap-top and a projector to facilitate in the training programs

Formed 7 Alpha Leo Clubs and 4 Omega Leo Clubs, conducted 3 Leo Advisors courses. Because of “SARS” the MD 308 Leo Forum was cancelled but the District went ahead with the first sub-District 308-B1 Leo Forum with only 178 Leo participants was successfully held in May at Hilton Hotel in Seremban. A very enjoyable Youth Retreat (Youth Camp) was held in Kuala Kubu Baru in September and another Leo & Youth Outreach Open Camp at Kem Pusako, Sungai Jelutong, Batu Kikir, Kuala Pilah was held in December organized by LC Kuala Pilah and Bahau..

Produced six issues of District Bulletin (Bimonthly) and encouraged the use of IT and e-reporting, by end FY 75% of clubs sent their report through the Website, In January 2003 launched the District 308-B1 website “” which linked with LCI LionsNet and the District 308B1 Leo website in May which was linked to the District website

The longest Peace Poster line “496 meters” was exhibited at the Peace Poster Contest final in JB which made it into the Malaysian book of Records in November 2002.

The District bought a set of Gong and Gavel for our District Meetings and a set of Flags of the Nations for District Official Functions

In general the District did well and I am very satisfied and happy with the performances of each club and District Cabinet Officers and I extend my heartfelt thanks to each of them. Lions Clubs International also appreciated the District with Extension and Membership Development Award, 100% District Governor Medal, Leadership Medals, numerous IP certificates of Appreciation and many LCI District Chairperson Certificates.