Message from Council Chairman, District 308

When Dato’ Javern Lim the Chief Editor for “District 308B1 Legacy Book Project” asked me to write the message, I was honour and intrigued, It’s also give me great pleasure to send you my heartiest congratulations on your book to commemorate Centennial Year Celebration of Lions Clubs International in your District 308 B1.

Growth of Lionism over the century has been spectacular and eventful in meeting its objective as the nation’s voluntary service club organization under the motto of “We Serve”. It all started when the vision of a group of leaders who were willing to share their time money and ideals with less fortunate and gathered together to form first Lions Club International.

For the past 58 years, Lions Clubs in District 308 B1 have constantly worked together to improve the lives of individuals in your community. Your District’s signature projects like Lions Renal Centers, Lions Eyes Clinic, Lions Education Foundation, Lions Down Syndrome Centres are testimony and records of your remarkable collective achievements.

This book is not only about your outstanding achievement over years, which can be credited to the high level of quality leadership with proven commitment to serve the less fortunate, but it is also about the story of the human spirit. Your untiring self-sacrifice and compassion of LIONISM for 58 years are an inspiration to all.

With a huge array of pictures, memorabilia and with anecdotes and personal recollections contributed by numerous past and present Lions Leaders ,the book will be treasured not only by those connected to Lions whether as Lions or as friends of Lions, but by all those who to know about the history and future of Lionism in District B1.

May all of you continue to live up to the prestigious reputation and recognition in providing humanitarian services that benefits the less fortunate.

New Mountains to Climbs, Another Summit

Shawn Lee
Council Chairperson 2016-2017
Multiple District 308

Message from The Publisher

Warm greetings to all the Lions.

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Lions Clubs International on this 100th Anniversary. It is truly an honour for me to be part of this centennial celebration.

For many years I have been involved in large number of publications on projects, be it printed or digital version. But honestly speaking, thus far, none is as exciting and as meaningful as this one – Lions Centennial Services Projects Legacy Book.

First of all, this is a publication to celebrate 100 years of service. It is not easy to come this far, especially for a global organization. Lions Clubs make it. Congratulations.

Secondly, one of the purposes of this publication is to compile all the signature or significant service projects of the clubs in District 308 B1 into a book, as an acknowledgement and appreciation to all the Lions for their wholehearted and unselfish service. In other words, it is a compilation of the collective efforts of all the members involved.

Thirdly, this publication itself could become a great tool to radiate positive energies; by showing to the world that there are so many things that we can do in order to make this world a better place. Regardless of the scale of the services, it will always provide the needy something that matters.

From the various write ups we see that kindness knows no boundaries. Lions are serving people of all races everywhere all the time. The saying is true “Where there is a need. There is a Lion”

By having the publication in both digital and printed version, we hope to reach more people and inspire them to come together and serve.

Lastly I sincerely thank Lions Clubs for giving me this opportunity to contribute. My gratitude goes to Dato’ Javern Lim for involving me in this great project and also PCC Wong Chang Wai for the guidance throughout the journey to make this book a reality.

Koh How Tze

Message from District Governor

Reaching New Summits

Lions Clubs International is celebrating its first century of service and it is all geared up to made the impact with its Centennial Service Challenge. Lions around the world have been changing lives for 100 years through humanitarian service. Our Centennial Celebration is a time to mark this milestone, celebrate our legacy and look forward to the next century of service.

We here in District 308B1 are responding to Lions Clubs International’s ambitious call of action by carrying out projects in the four areas of the Centennial Service Challenges which is Engaging Youth, Protecting Environment, Sharing Vision and Relieving Hunger. Our Centennial Service Challenge encourages Lions to serve over 100 million people throughout the course of the Centennial Celebration through projects focusing in the mentioned areas. Our District is also fully geared up to be a front runner. To augment the activities, we have a District Chairperson for Centennial Services, Lion Dato Javern Lim, who has taken the initiative to produce this book, “Lions Centennial Services Excellence” which will journal the Centennial Service Challenges and other meaningful projects in our beloved District.

Since 1959 Lions Clubs in our District too have played a significant role in the local community by undertaking projects that not only positively impacts the lives of many but at the same time benefitting the community as a whole. Over the years, our clubs have developed an impressive record when it comes to supporting and serving communities close to home and the other side of the globe.  Lions bring hope and comfort to those who need it and indeed there is always a Lion where there is a need.

Through  the pictures, stories and captions throughout this book, we will be  experiencing  all over again, the time spent while serving together with our Fellow Lions and friends, the fun and friendship that we shared, and the endearing memories that being a LION brings and makes all this possible. This book will also be in appreciation of all those who accepted the responsibility and obligations of being a LION by contributing their time, effort, energies and resources to help and support the betterment of the community. This book is especially for all your good deeds.

My sincere appreciation to PCC Wong Chang Wai for being the advisor of this book, to District Chairperson Dato Javern Lim for his initiative and enthusiasm in producing this book. Not forgetting the many Lions and people for their invaluable contributions and many hours of effort towards the completion of this book. Indeed I am fortunate to be the District Governor when this “Lions Centennial Services Excellence” is produced.

Together we are, “Reaching New Summits” with “New Mountains to Climb”.

Enjoy the book.

Yours in Lionism,

sashekala-pathmanathan sashe_signature-001

Lion Sashekala Pathmanathan
Centennial District Governor (2016-2017)

Message from Chief Editor

A Collection of Lions Service Projects

Dear Centennial Club Presidents,

Over the years Lions Clubs in our District have carried out many significant/signature projects that benefitted many people.

However, there is no single document to record your efforts and sacrifice in serving the community.

Therefore, as District Chairperson for Centennial Services, I proposed at our District Cabinet meeting on July 10 2016 to collect information/data on significant/signature service project of every Lions Club in the District. I sincerely thank DG Sashekala and the Cabinet for approving this proposal.

Your Club’s information on one selected project with photo will be published in a handbook under the title “Lions Centennial Services Excellence” – a collection of Lions service projects.

The purposes of this publication are:

1. To highlight and recognize the contributions of Lions Clubs in service to the community.

2. To enhance the image of Lions Clubs to attract more service minded people to join Lions Clubs.

3. To serve as a guide to Clubs and other service organisations  in providing service projects.

4. To motivate Lions Clubs to serve with pride.

5. To inspire and instill volunteerism in youth.

For successful implementation we need the cooperation of every Lions Club in our District. In this respect we have put in place at least three channels that you can transmit the relevant information.

(1) Through website submission:

(2) By email to:

(3) By hardcopy to Lion Dato’ Javern Lim at address below:

VKA Wealth Planners Sdn Bhd
E-7-27, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.


The publication will consist of 200 pages of a page to be allocated in the following manners:

1. Messages (8 pages)
2. One page for one Club
3. All Past Officers of the Association (POAs) be given one page each
4. Pages for District projects like LEF, LECF etc
5. Centennial Services highlights
6. Advertisements by sponsors

I am very excited about this publication. Hope you are feeling the same too. The years of service by Lions in District 308 B1 are now on record to be cherished by Lions as well as members of the public.

Each Club will be given two copies and copies will be given to selected schools to inspire and instill volunteerism and service to the less fortunate.

Please visit our website now and start writing your Club’s project for inclusion in Lions Centennial Services Excellence – the pride of our service.

Thank you.







1. 把狮子会为社会服务的精神以及会员们在过去的努力做出记载及发扬流传至下一代;

2. 将狮子会对社会服务的信念与执着推广给怀有同样抱负的人们好让他们可以通过我们这个平台为社群做出贡献;

3. 把大家的经验及办事之道传扬给新的领导人寄望可以协助他们更有效的管理资源,筹办活动,也把狮子会推至另一高峰。

4. 鼓励狮子会成员继续努力的为社会做出贡献同时为自己的付出感到光荣。

5. 为时下青少年做出一个自愿为社会服务的好榜样也激励他们参与我们的活动,好让狮子会创会精神可以继续流芳百世,再创新高峰。





VKA Wealth Planners Sdn Bhd
E-7-27, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.



1. 序言 (八页)
2. 各狮子会专属页
3. 各前總監专属页
4. 区域项目如LEF, LECF 等等
5. 百年周庆主要活动一览
6. 赞助商广告



敬请各位现在就到我们的官方网站 并开始上载图片及编写贵支会的活动记录。


Lion Dato’ Javern Lim, DPNS
DC Centennial Services (2016-2017)
Chief Editor