Muar Lions Renal Centre


Muar Lions Renal Centre is a well known non_profit provider of haemodialysis for the poor patients with Chronic kidney failure. Muar
Lions Renal centre was established in April 1994 and has now progressed to become one of the largest N.G.o. To date our Hemodialysis centre
has 53 machines, serving more than 150 patients who are treated three times a week paying a minimum of RM35.00 to RM50.00 per Haemodialysis
treatment. Patients who have no income is fu[y subsidies by our centre.’

For the past 18 years, we have provided various medical care and financial help for the patients to lighten their burden.
Our centre being a non-profit undertaking, all our funds are solely used for the benefits of poor patients. with the high rate of maintenance to some old machines and also due to the increase in medical cost we rrereuy seek your financial aid to replace old machines.

We depend solely on kind friends, associates and general public to help us. we.sincerely seek your kind donation to ease the financial burden. we are registered with the Registrar of societies and we will duly acknowledge donations with an official Tax Exemption Receipt which will benefits you with your Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri submissions.

We look forward to you joining hands with the work that we doing to the poor and needy patients making their lives happier and meaningfu-|.
Wishing you all the best in your undertaking and May God always bless you.

Thanking you.

JJ Lions Dialysis Centre

JJ Lions Dialysis Centre (707043-U) formerly know as JJ Lions Dialysis Centre Bhd was incorporated in August 2005 and started its dialysis operation since March 26, 2006. After overcoming tremendous obstacles and meeting countless challenges head on over the years, the JJ Lions Dialysis Centre has become stronger and more determined than ever in its life-saving mission.

The JJ Lions Dialysis Centre had since expended to a three shop lots fully renovated premise and granted with full licenses (Borang 4 & 6) for 28 chairs by the authority. In short, we can accommodate up to 168 patients in three shifts operation. More importantly, we had been successful in converting the establishment from “Non Profit” to Foundation Status” and been awarded “Tax Exemption” Status. (No. Warta Kerajaan Bilangan 28054) effective 1st July 2011.

You have helped us to painstakingly build this institution by establishing deep-rooted fundamentals, a transparent system and a culture continuous innovation that are today the bedrock of the foundation’s success. And this success has translated into hundreds of lives being saved. Our patients live today and families have great relief and peace of mind, only because of your love and compassion. You made this possible. We will continue to do our best to help protect you and your loved ones from life-threatening renal illness through our preventives in the pipeline. At the same time, we will continue to save lives of those less affordable who are stricken by end stage renal disease through high subsidies for costly treatment, medication and rehabilitation. Just as we have weathered many storms since the inception of The Centre, we know we can continue to do so with your unyielding support. Your continued generosity, compassion and trust in us will give us the strength and courage to persevere, no matter what the odds are against us, so that many more lives will be saved.

We look forward to your continued commitment as we face tougher challenges ahead.

柔佛再也獅子會洗腎中心(707043-U),之前爲柔佛再也獅子會洗腎中心(非盈利)成立于2005年8月。于2006年3月26日開始運作。柔佛再也獅子会洗腎中心在籌備期间,跨越了一切的阻礙及克服無數的挑戰,已茁狀成長 ,漸入佳境,發揮换救生命的任敄。




我們將推廣預防腎病的運動,以使社會人士免受腎病之苦。同时,我們亦撥出高額的補貼金,以資助貧困的腎友支付洗腎, 藥物及康復的高昂费用。



Lions Club of Gemas Bahru


Club : Lions Club of Gemas Bahru
Club No. : 061094
Charter Date : 24TH AUGUST 1998
Charter President : LION CHUA SUWI WAT
Centennial President (2016-2017) : LION JASON MOK FOO SOON
Project Description :

1. Objective of the Signature Project
• To set up and sustain a charitable dialysis centre dedicated for the poor and needy dialysis patients in Gemas and nearby community regardless of races and religions
• To bring competent and empathetic care, love and hope to the less fortunate ones who are in great need of dialysis to prolong their lives
• To improve the health and quality of life of people living with kidney diseases
• To provide social responsibility towards the society

2. Started
The fundraising campaign to set up this centre was started in July 2006, founded by the President, Lion Chew Tong Heng, all the past Presidents and members of club, Organising Chairman PP Lion Dato Tan Yong Chin, along with the collaboration from Pusat Haemodialisis Mawar (PHM) led by Dato Dr Yeow Chai Thiam. The official opening of this dialysis centre was on 8th November 2006.

3. Members Involved
All of the members are involved initially for the fundraising but annually we have 12 members on the committee board lead by PP Lion Dato Tan Yong Chin.

4. Benefited
Currently there are 9 dialysis machines available, running two shifts, allowing for 38 patients to benefit from the subsidised dialysis services every month, comprising of 32 Malays, 3 Chinese and 3 Indians. Since 2006, there are a total number of 105 patients accumulated to date, who have benefited from the service provided by this centre.

5. Man hour spent
This centre is supervised by the manager, Puan Norlizahwati and constantly running daily with 11 exisiting staffs comprising of 5 Nurses, 4 Dialysis Assistants, and 2 general workers, as well as 1 visiting doctors.

6. Frequency
This centre is operating daily from 7am to 5pm.

7. Fund needed
With subsidisation from KKM/ Socso/ JPA/ Baitumal, the gross treatment fees per dialysis session for each patients range from RM60 to RM200. Each patient will need about RM20, 000 annually to receive regular dialysis sessions.

8. Source of Fund
The fundraising campaign back in Year 2006 had raised about RM1 Million. The shop lot used for this dialysis centre is sponsored by Dato Seri Gan Cheng Poh with free rental for 10 years since it first started. Currently, this dialysis centre is still receiving donations from the public.

9. Critical success factor
The teamwork and cooperation between the members have helped to build and achieve the target for the fundraising campaign. Besides, thanks to the support of countless compassionate individuals who are willing to help in every other way, to work together to provide a holistic care and subsidised dialysis treatment for the less fortunate patients who suffer from kidney diseases.

10. Other info

Project Photos


Lions Club Of Tangkak

Club : Lions Club Of Tangkak
Club No. : 54991
Sponsor Club : Lions Club of Muar Host
Charter Date : 22nd October 1993
Charter President : Woon Yean Peng
Centennial President (2016-2017) : Ln.Irene Ng Miew Khee
Project Name : Tangkak Lions Renal Centre
Project Description :

1. Objective of the Signature Project
To provide hemodialysis treament for kidney failure patient from low income families.

2. Started
22nd October 2007

3. Members Involved

4. Benefited

5. Man hour spent
24 patients x 4 hours = 96 hours/day x 25 days = 2400 main hours / Month

6. Frequency
Long term Project

7. Fund needed
RM 70,000.00/month

8. Source of Fund
Public Donation

9. Critical success factor
1. Fund Raising
2. Lions Spirit of we serve

10. Other info
We have bought another builing to accomodate the increased of dialysis patients.

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Submitted By : Ln.Kng Boon Wah