Lions Education Foundation

Dear Fellow Lions,

On behalf of Lions Education, I am delighted to present the latest update on the progress of the Lions Education Foundation and its activities through the Lions Education Assistance for the Needy (LEArN) Fund from day one prior to its registration until now.

The District 308B1 Malaysia during the fiscal year of 2010-2011 was concerned over the lack of public or governmental support to provide financial assistance to students from poor families who did not obtain outstanding results, but have just obtained average results in their SPM or STPM or its equivalent to further their studies. Realizing this lacuna, the District 308B1 Malaysia under District Governor Dato’ Yeow Wah Chin during the fiscal year of 2010-2011 embarked on fund raising initiative district-wide by selling the idea to Lions clubs, their members and the public at large embraced to establish an education foundation. This initiative was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and they responded by donating generously and hence within six (6) months a sum of RM1,000,000-00 was raised. It was a dream comes true when the Lions Education Foundation was duly registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia in March, 2011 with its main objective to give financial assistance to those students coming from poor families who aspire to further their studies

Today we, the Lions are proud because we have given hope and are able to make the difference in the lives of the poor students forever by helping them to turn their dream into a reality. As at March 31, 2017. we have given out financial assistance to sixty (60) students who have benefitted through LEArN Fund managed by Lions Education Foundation and a sum of RM1,000,000-00 spent. Amongst the courses pursued by the recipients at the local institutions of higher learning are: Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery; Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Education (TESL); Bachelor of Laws (LL.B); Bachelor of Accounting; Bachelor of Forensic Science; Bachelor of Finance; Bachelor of Pharmacy; Bachelor of Engineering; Diploma in Hotel Management; Diploma in Banking & Finance and Diploma in Multimedia Technology. The Selection Committee of the LEArN Fund will scrutinize the applicants thoroughly regardless of race or religion, making sure that they are from poor families having financial difficulties to send their children to local institutions of higher learning.

We strongly believe that poor students with at least average results deserve to be given a second chance to further their tertiary education so that they could earn a decent living, thus breaking the chain of vicious cycle of poverty. We would continue to strive to help and reach out to as many poor students as our fund could possibly stretch

On this note we would like to record our appreciation and special thanks to all Lions and clubs, captain of industry, corporate companies, friends and the public at large who believed and trusted our sincerity, hard work and commitment by parting their money to us knowing that we will do our job responsibly and help the needy to achieve their dreams of completing their tertiary education.