Lions Centennial Services Excellence

A Collection of Lions Service Projects


We invite all Lions Clubs in District 308 B1 to submit report on one significant or signature project carried out by the Club.

Your service project reported will be recorded in a Centennial Journal documenting all such projects carried by our Lions Clubs.

Kindly fill in the form with relevant information below and submit on line.

We are proud to be a Lion.

By definition a signature project is:
• A distinctively Lions initiative
• A community project, which identifies Lions.
• A project, which is visible throughout the community.
• A ‘hands-on’ project.
• A project, which is relevant to community needs.
• A project, which helps to build the reputation of Lions club.
• A project, which attracts the attention of quality members of the community.
• A signature project gives identity and character to a Club

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Example: Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Bukit Kiara

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Centennial President (2016-2017)

Project Name
Example: Daily Food Distribution to The Needy At Brickfields.
Example: xxx Kidney Dialysis Centre
Example: A library

Project Description
Brief Project Description using the guidelines provided below or just fills in the information below.

Information Related to the above mentioned significant/signature Project

1. Objective of the significant/signature Project

2. When was it first started?

3. Usually how many members involved?

4. How many people benefited?

5. Man hour spent

6. How often the project is carried out?

7. How much fund needed?Example: One day feeding of the needy, RM ???

8. Source of fund

9. Critical success factor of this project. Why and how the project can be sustained?

10. Any other information?

Kindly attach maximum 5 related images to this document.
Photo with high resolution (LESS THAN 3 MB in file size PER PHOTO, in JPG / PNG / GIF format) and action photo not group photo

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Project Image 5:

If you have more images to submit, kindly email it with Subject : “ Lions Centennial Services Excellence Project Photos – {Club Name}” to

Kindly be informed the Editorial Board reserves the right to amend accordingly the write up to fit into the space allotted.

Thank you.

Lion Dato’ Javern Lim, DPNS
DC Centennial Services (2016-2017)
Chief Editor